[Elsnet-list] Job opening: temp linguistic engineer @ Nuance

Peter Dirix peter at ccl.kuleuven.be
Fri Feb 4 12:17:03 CET 2011

Nuance Communications, Inc., a world-wide leader in speech technology, is
seeking a linguistic engineer to support expansion of its mobile search
and messaging products into new language markets.

Candidates for this position should be located either in North America
(Boston) or in Europe (Ghent or Aachen). The position will be a temporary
position for six months.

- Evaluating design and quality of pronunciation dictionaries
- Identifying new entries for general and specialized dictionaries
- Correcting existing dictionary entries
- Phonetic transcription
- Serving as a language expert resource for engineers and researchers
- Managing language consultant contractors


1. English: native or near-native skill

2. Native or near-native skill in at least one language from the following

Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Malay, Ukrainian, (Modern) Greek, Turkish,
Thai, Hebrew, and Vietnamese.

3. A high degree of proficiency in at least one additional language from a
different  language family.

- A post-graduate degree in computational linguistics
- Experience with phonetic transcription and the International Phonetic
- Ability to work independently
- Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux (navigating directory structures, copying
files, etc.)
- Familiarity with a text editor (e.g. emacs or vi)
- Ability to program in a scripting language (e.g. Perl or Python)

- Team leadership and/or management experience

Contact: lm.linguistics at nuance.com

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