[Elsnet-list] Open American National Corpus (OANC) in GrAF format now available

Nancy Ide ide at cs.vassar.edu
Thu Feb 17 22:09:36 CET 2011

                                 OANC in GrAF


The 15 million word Open American National Corpus (OANC) is now available in the finalized version of the ISO Linguistic Annotation Framework (LAF) Graph Annotation Format (GrAF). Formerly, the OANC was available in an early version of the LAF specification for a pivot format for standoff linguistic annotations.

The ANC provides tools that enable loading GrAF annotations into widely-used annotation platforms, including GATE and UIMA. We also provide a beta version of a web application (ANC2Go) that enables generating all or parts of the OANC in a variety of formats of the user's choice.

The OANC and the Manually Annotated Sub-Corpus (MASC)  provide exemplars of GrAF use to annotate linguistic corpora.

Please consult the ANC web pages (http://www.anc.org) for information about the OANC, MASC, tools for processing, and the wide variety of annotations of these data that have been produced or contributed so far.

American National Corpus Project
Department of Computer Science
Vassar College, USA
anc at anc.org

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