[Elsnet-list] Announcement of StringNet Navigator

Nailung Tsao beaktsao at stringnet.org
Fri Feb 18 17:05:35 CET 2011

Apologies for multiple postings.

We would like to announce a new version of StringNet, an English
lexical knowledgebase, as well as a new web interface for searching
and navigating StringNet. Please visit http://nav.stringnet.org.

StringNet Navigator takes one or more words as a query and shows the
patterns in which that target word is conventionally used or in which
those words conventionally co-occur. For those who have used
LexChecker (our first query interface for StringNet at
http://www.lexchecker.org), StringNet Navigator offers numerous
improvements and added functions, such as links for navigating from
any pattern upward and downward to more general or specific related
patterns. Further details are given at the StringNet website.

Please email us with any feedback at admin at stringnet.org.

Best regards,
David Wible and Nai-Lung Tsao

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