[Elsnet-list] META-NET - Help to forge a multilingual European information society

Paul Thompson paul.thompson at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Feb 21 12:58:17 CET 2011

META-NET (http://www.meta-net.eu/) aims to build the technological 
foundations of a multilingual European information society.

In order to make this a success this, we need the support and 
participation of the Language Technology (LT) community.

By joining the Multilingual European Technology Alliance (META), you can 
play a part in this exciting initiative, which aims to bring about a 
large-scale increase in funding for Language Technology Research on the 
national and international level.

META-NET is a Network of Excellence aiming to forging the Multilingual 
Europe Technology Alliance. It has three main lines of action:

1. META-VISION: Building a community with a shared vision and strategic 
research agenda for Europe's Language Technology landscape. The agenda 
will contain high level recommendations, ideas for visionary LT-based 
applications and suggestions for joint actions to be presented to the EC 
and national as well as regional bodies.

2. META-SHARE:  A sustainable network of repositories of language data, 
tools and related web services documented with high-quality metadata, 
aggregated in central inventories allowing for uniform search and access 
to resources. Data and tools can be both open and with restricted access 
rights, free and for-a-fee.

3. META-RESEARCH: Building bridges to neighbouring technology fields.


1) The vision-building process which will be used to shape the strategic 
research agenda is currently ongoing. The opinions, ideas and visions of 
all members of the  LT community are important to this process, and we 
encourage you to contribute to the discussion which is taking place on 
the META-NET forum (http://www.meta-net.eu/forum)

2) The more support and interest we have from the LT community, the more 
successful META-NET can be. Please show your support for the goals of 
our initiative by joining META 
META already consists of over 40 member institutions in over 30 
countries.  By joining the alliance, we will be able to reach you more 
directly with relevant news and developments, and to seek your input on 
matters affecting the broader LT community. In the future, you will be 
able to make your data and tools available via META-SHARE.

Please act now by joining META and participating in the discussion via 
the forum. Your help is important in shaping the future of the field 
while preserving and promoting our linguistic diversity in Europe.

Follow META-NET on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/META.Alliance
Join the META-NET LinkedIn group: 

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