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Dear Colleagues,

Special Issue of Informatica. An International  Journal of Computing and Informatics (Slovenia) on Semantic Informational Technologies
 (Guest Editor Vladimir A. Fomichov), Vol. 34, Issue 3 (October 2010)

 has been available free of charge, http://www.informatica.si/vol34.htm#No3.

Contents        Volume 34, Number 3, 2010

Editor’s Introduction to the Special Issue on Semantic Informational Technologies
V.A. Fomichov

Obtaining Status Descriptions via Automatic Analysis of Hospital Patient Records
S. Boytcheva, I. Nikolova, E. Paskaleva, G. Angelova, D. Tcharaktchiev, N. Dimitrova (Bulgaria)

Corpus and Web: Two Allies in Building and Automatically Expanding Conceptual Classes
N. Bechet, J. Chauche, V. Prince, M. Roche (France)

Theory of K-representations as a Comprehensive Formal Framework for Developing a Multilingual Semantic Web (Russia)
V.A. Fomichov

Wikipedia2Onto— Building Concept Ontology Automatically, Experimenting with Web Image Retrieval
H. Wang, X. Jiang, L.-T. Chia, A.-H. Tan (Singapore)

A Service Oriented Framework for Natural Language Text Enrichment
T. Stajner, D. Rusu, L. Dali, B. Fortuna, D. Mladenic, M. Grobelnik (Slovenia)

Applications of Semantics in Agent-Based Manufacturing System
M. Obitko, P. Vrba, V. Marik, M. Radakovic, P. Kadera (Czech Republic)

The Role of the Semantic Web for Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry
I. Svetel , M. Pejanovic (Serbia).

End of the Special Issue

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