[Elsnet-list] International Workshop on Voice and Speech Processing in Social Interactions

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                                          International Workshop on
                      Voice and Speech Processing in Social Interaction
   Glasgow, April 18-19, 2011


Voice and speech play a fundamental role in social interactions, but they have
been relatively neglected, at least in the last years, with respect to other aspects
of social exchanges such as, e.g., facial expressions or gestures. Furthermore,
research on voice and speech has been carried out with different methodologies
and goals in different domains, but no major attempts have been made to identify
common research questions, to integrate findings produced in different communities
or simply to diffuse awareness about the multiple facets of the problem. The goal
of this workshop is to bridge this gap by gathering researchers from different
communities, in particular neurosciences, psychology and computing science, to
share the latest findings on social aspects of voice and speech and to identify
the most important issues still open in the domain.

The event, possibly the first of a series, will launch the newly created “Social
Interaction Research Centre” of the University of Glasgow and it is expected to
result into a collection of articles to be published in a common book.

Call for participation

Interested participants are invited to submit an abstract (max 500 words). Authors
of accepted submissions will be invited to present their work in oral or poster format
(please indicate your preference). The deadline for the submission is March 15th,

The abstracts should be sent via e-mail to the organisers:

Pascal Belin: Pascal.Belin at Glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:Pascal.Belin at Glasgow.ac.uk>
Alessandro Vinciarelli: Alessandro.Vinciarelli at Glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:Alessandro.Vinciarelli at Glasgow.ac.uk>


The workshop will be held at the University of Glasgow (exact details
available soon).

Confirmed Speakers

Keynote lecture

- Klaus Scherer (University of Geneva). “Social markers in speech”

Invited lectures

Psychology / Cognitive neuroscience perspective

- Pascal Belin (University of Glasgow). Cerebral processing of vocal information.
- Sonja Kotz (MPI Leipzig). Perception of affect and prosody.
- Caroline Floccia (University of Plymouth). Accent Perception.
- Stefan Schweinberger (University of Jena). Person perception from voice.

Computational/Signal processing perspective

- Marc Schroeder (DFKI). Synthesis of expressive speech.
- Simon King (University of Edinburgh). Voice attractiveness in speech synthesis.
- Alessandro Vinciarelli (University of Glasgow). Social Signal Processing.

The University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401
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