[Elsnet-list] Sentiment Analysis Symposium program announced

Seth Grimes grimes at altaplana.com
Wed Jul 20 16:23:51 CEST 2011

The program for the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, November 9 in San 
Francisco, is posted at http://sentimentsymposium.com/agenda.html .  This 
is an industry focused conference with signficant academic/research 
participation from the NLP and computational linguistics worlds.

Symposium sessions include --

- State of Sentiment, a keynote presented by Professor Philip Resnik of 
the University of Maryland

- Attitude, Orientation and Evaluation: Political and Financial Affect 
Analysis, Professor Khurshid Ahmad of Trinity College, Dublin

- Lipika Dey, PhD, of Tata Consultancy Services speaking on Fusing 
Sentiment and BI to Obtain Customer/Retail Insight

- TripAdvisor's John Kelley, in a talk titled What Travelers Say: Using 
Sentiment to Improve User Engagement

- Ivan Berlocher, chief scientist at Saltlux, attending from Korea to 
speak on Lessons Learned from a Call Center Analysis System for a Major 

- The Rise and Fall of the First Social Media Sentiment-Based Hedge Fund, 
presented by Richard Peterson, MD, director of MarketPsy Capital LLC

- The Importance of Context in Rich Multilingual Sentiment Analysis, 
Acrolinx CEO Andrew Bredenkamp, PhD

- Industry thought-leader Meta S. Brown will present Pathway to Cold, 
Hard, Measurable Sentiment Analysis ROI

- Start-up innovator Jennie Lees, founder and CEO of Affect Labs, will 
present on Crowdsourcing Comedy Festival Sentiment

- Modeling Sentiment in a Local Real Estate Market, Ben Gimpert, Altos 
Research LLC

Preceding the symposium, Chris Potts from Stanford Univ will teach the 
optional, November 8, half-day Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial.

The venue is the Bently Reserve in San Francisco.  Check it out: 
http://bentlyreserve.com/ .

You can register now for the symposium and the tutorial although we're 
still working on the tutorial syllabus.  Full-time academics may use the 
code GOVACAD for 50% off, and full-time students should register with the 
code STUDENT for pricing $50 tutorial and $200 symposium, which covers 

Please send any questions my way.

 				Seth Grimes

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