[Elsnet-list] Places still available on Masters in Language Technology, Gothenburg

Robin Cooper info at cling.gu.se
Wed Jun 1 14:32:35 CEST 2011

We still have places remaining for Autumn 2011 on our Masters in Language Technology in Gothenburg.  Students who wish to apply can contact us directly at info at cling.gu.se.  General information can be found at 

Robin Cooper

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> From: Robin Cooper <info at cling.gu.se>
> Date: 17 March 2011 16:19:51 CET
> To: Master in Language Technology <info at cling.gu.se>
> Subject: Masters in Language Technology at the University of Gothenburg
> The Masters in Language Technology (MLT) at the University of
> Gothenburg is an international masters programme which can lead to
> either a one-year or a two-year degree.  Deadline for applications in
> the current round for Swedish and EU students is 15th April, 2011.
> For further information see
> http://www.flov.gu.se/english/education/masters-second-cycle/mlt/.
> Students are taught by researchers who are engaged in developing the
> latest technologies within the University of Gothenburg's priority
> research area in language technology at our Centre for Language
> Technology (CLT, http://www.clt.gu.se/), a collaboration between four
> departments at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of
> Technology (Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of
> Science, Department of Swedish, Department of Computer Science and
> Engineering and Department of Applied Information Technology).  We
> encourage students to work on their masters projects in one of CLT's
> three labs: dialogue technology lab, grammar technology lab, and text
> technology lab.
> Language technology research and teaching in Gothenburg is
> characterized by a focus on the contribution of theoretical and
> rule-based approaches appropriately combined with statistical
> techniques.  Students therefore receive instruction in linguistic
> theory as applied to language technology as well as current approaches
> to language technology.  The programme draws students from a wide
> variety of backgrounds including linguistics, computer science,
> cognitive science and philosophy.  The programme is heavily oriented
> towards practical programming techniques (currently using the
> programming language Python) but we do not require that students
> entering the programme necessarily have a background in programming.
> They should, however, be prepared to learn programming techniques in
> an intensive introduction provided at the beginning of the programme.

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