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 Dear All, 

 Please consider that the paper submission deadline for regular papers
and extended abstracts is approaching: *June 15, 2011*

 In this period, we have intensively worked to create the Technical
Programme for ISABEL and CogART 2011. The first two keynote speakers
 have been listed, and several others are to provide a final answer,
including the Nobel Prize Prof. Robert Aumann. Prof. Ilangko
Balasingham, Interventional Centre, Oslo University Hospital, Norway,
and Prof. Sanjay Kumar from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT),
India, have lastly entered our International Scientific Committee
. Our list of Technical Programme Committee
 members and reviewers has been finalized, with a total of around 150
highly qualified scientists. Currently, we are negotiating for the
special issues of this year. The submission system (Easy Chair) will
be soon available as well as our registration fees. Finally, we have
obtained IEEE GOLD
 (Graduates of the Last Decade) as one of our supporters. 

 ISABEL 2011 will host a one-day in-conjunction workshop on
“Students Satellites”,where students involved in satellite
projects will be invited to submit research papers describing
current/recent projects in which they have been involved in the design
and/or construction of satellites. Also, papers describing related
projects, such as ground station networks or applications of student
satellites, will be presented. The main scope for this workshop is to
provide participants an overview of student satellite projects in
Europe and to allow the exchange of project experience from theory to
source code.

 The two special Issues
 outcome of ISABEL and CogART 2010 have received a good number of
external contributions, besides the extended versions of the best
papers of last year’s conferences.

 Our mission this year is to further elevate the scientific quality of
our conferences and to ultimately launch them as renowned
international events, where you will find appealing and well-developed
topics, and you will be able to fruitfully share ideas with prominent
personalities within your field. In particular, the development of the
 tool, our business and science match making, will facilitate you
during our conferences to create even more research opportunities and
potential business partnerships by means of one-to-one meetings with
various stakeholders, both from business and academia. /As we are
willing to make One2One as a customized match making event, which
would perfectly fit your specific needs, please indicate what you are
exactly looking for by answering to our quick 1-page online //survey

 Finally, we are also working hard in devising our social programme to
create a pleasant environment, where you can meet your professional
needs as well as enjoy your stay in Barcelona. During next week we
will finalize the venues for the conference and the gala award dinner
as well as our offers in terms of accommodation.

 In conclusion, we would like to ask you to mark your calendar with
our events, as many of your colleagues from all over the world have
already done!

 All updates can be found below and on our website. Have a look at
videos and photos from last year’s conferences in our multimedia

 Thanks and kind regards,

 Simone Frattasi, Ph.D.

 ISABEL and CogART President



 ISABEL 2011

 4th International Symposium on Applied Sciences

 in Biomedical and Communication Technologies

 Theme: Smart Enablers of Communication and Biomedical Technologies
supporting Post-Disaster Aftermath

 See our Call for Papers here

 The inter-disciplinary approach is becoming an increasing need in
scientific and industrial communities. The most evident example of
such a need is represented by the strong interconnection between
biomedical and communication engineering. On the one hand, ICT can
provide new tools for making healthcare systems more efficient and
responsive in order to supply in-the-home and mobile healthcare
solutions. On the other hand, many of the most recent advances in
communication technologies - from algorithms to the electronics and
materials - are "bio-inspired". Moreover, it is increasing the
awareness of the great potentials offered by the synergistic
combination of many disciplines (e.g., mathematics and physics,
biology and chemistry) in both biomedical and communication

 The global interest towards a safer Planet is forcing the industrial
and scientific worlds to seek for engineering solutions in order to
re-establish normal conditions both in terms of communication and
medical-related functionalities, which are two of most basic needs of
human beings, especially under critical scenarios in the aftermath of
a disaster, either natural or man-made. Hence, from 2011 onward,
ISABEL will also look upon the application of sciences in biomedical
and communication engineering so as to develop novel technologies and
solutions that can make our lives "safer" in critical situation.

 Upcoming deadlines:

 June 15, 2011 | Regular paper/Extended abstract submission

 New – See our Keynote Speakers here

 See our Featured Special Sessions here

 See our Technical Programme Committee here


 CogART 2011

 4th International Conference on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum

 Theme: Cognitive and Self-Organizing Networks for Disasters Aftermath
Assistance See our Call for Papers here

 Conventional fixed spectrum allocation cannot successfully cope with
the scarcity of radio frequency spectrum. Cognitive radio is a novel
technology, which improves the spectrum utilization by seeking and
opportunistically utilizing radio resources in time, frequency and
space domains on a real time basis. The cognitive radio technology
poses many new technical challenges, and overcoming these issues
becomes even more challenging due to non-uniform spectrum and other
radio resource allocation policies, economic considerations, the
inherent transmission impairments of wireless links and user mobility.
Cognitive radio technology advances are based on interdisciplinary
research, including among others: signal processing, information
theory, communications engineering, artificial intelligence, game
theory, economics and legal issues. This conference aims at publishing
high quality research papers related to cognitive radio and its

 An important and emerging application of cognitive networks and
self-organizing networks, in general, is to help in the aftermath
assistance in case of natural or man-made disaster strikes. To give
relief in the affected areas, the interested parties, i.e., relief and
security groups, need communications support; therefore, a
communication network needs to be established as quickly and as easily
as possible in order to ensure that rescue and relief efforts are not
further hindered. From a communication perspective, a disaster
scenario can be characterized as having hazardous spatial environments
(with the prevention of infrastructure deployment as a consequence)
and possibly radio environments as well (with the impairment of the
spectrum bands assigned to disaster relief services as a consequence).
Cognitive and self-organizing networks come as a solution to implement
disaster relief networks, the latter being infrastructure-less or not.

 Upcoming deadlines:

 June 15, 2011 | Regular paper/Extended abstract submission

 New – See our Keynote Speakers here

 See our Featured Special Sessions here

 See our Technical Programme Committee here



 Business & Science Match

 See our Invitation Letter here

 Networking during conferences is certainly productive. However, there
is a way to make it more effective! Do you want to find new clients
for your services/products; partners for your R&D projects;
authors/editors for your publications? Via the One2One 2011 we will
help you in generating new business collaborations and research
opportunities by means of one-to-one meetings between you and
managers, researchers and other professional figures from companies,
universities, public institutions, publishers, etc. /As we are willing
to make One2One as a customized match making event, which would
perfectly fit your specific needs, please indicate what you are
exactly looking for by answering to our quick 1-page online survey

 New – See our list of potential match makers, here

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