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Call for Participation

TLT 10

January 6-7, 2012


Conference Website: http://tlt10.cl.uni-heidelberg.de/

**** Register by November 18th ****


Invited speakers

- Eduard Hovy, University of Southern California
- Victoria Rosén, University of Bergen



Treebanks are language resources that provide annotations at
various levels of linguistic structure beyond the word level.
They typically provide syntactic constituent or dependency
structures for sentences, and often extend to functional and
predicate-argument structure.
Treebanks have become crucially important for the development of
data-driven approaches to natural language processing, human
language technologies, grammar extraction and linguistic research
in general. A growing number of projects explore annotation beyond
syntactic structure (including, for instance, semantic, pragmatic
and rhetorical annotation) and beyond a single language (for
instance, parallel treebanks).

Experiences in building treebanks have shown that there is a
relation between formal linguistic theory and the practice of
annotation. Since the practices of building treebanks have proved
that aiming at more detailed descriptions of the data becomes more
and more theory-dependent, the connections between treebank
development and linguistic theories need to be tightly connected
in order to ensure the necessary information flow between them.
This series of workshops aims to provide a forum for researchers
and advanced students working in these areas.




January 5, 2012

Conference Website: http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/conf/ACRH10

This workshop aims at building a tighter collaboration between
people working in various areas of the Humanities (such as
literature, philology, history etc.) and the research community
involved in developing, using and making annotated corpora accessible.



Registration for both workshops is open till November 18th.

Information about registration fees is found here:



The workshop will take place at the
	Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg
	Landfriedstraße 12, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany


Day 1: Friday, 6 January 2012

Invited Talk:
	Victoria Rosén.
	Towards a Virtual Laboratory for Treebanking

Alina Wroblewska.
	Polish Dependency Bank
Annette Hautli, Sebastian Sulger and Miriam Butt.
	Adding an Annotation Layer to the Hindi Treebank
Sandra Kübler, Eric Baucorn and Matthias Scheutz.
	Parallel Syntactic Annotation in CReSt
Anders Søgaard.
	Using hybrid logic for querying dependency treebanks
Alastair Butler and Kei Yoshimoto.
	Banking Meaning Representations from Treebanks

Poster Session

Rahul Agarwal, Bharat Ram Ambati and Dipti Misra Sharma.
	A Hybrid Approach to Error Detection in a Treebank and Its 	
	Impact on Manual Validation Time
Masood Ghayoomi.
	Bootstrapping the Development of an HPSG-based Treebank for 	
Manfred Klenner, Simon Clematide, Stefanos Petrakis and Marc Luder.
	Compositional Syntax-based Phrase-level Polarity Annotation
	for German
Simon Mille, Leo Wanner and Alicia Burga.
	Treebank Annotation in the Light of the Meaning-Text Theory
Kristiina Muhonen and Tanja Purtonen. Detecting Semantic Ambiguity:
	Alternative Readings in Treebanks
Mojgan Seraji, Beatá Megyesi and Joakim Nivre.
	Bootstrapping a Persian Dependency Treebank

Poster Presentations by Local Language Technology Industry

Kurt Eberle, Lingenio, Heidelberg
	HyghTra - A Hybrid High Quality Translation System
Mathias Göschl and Wiebke Wagner, Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg
	Bio-Medical Information Extraction at Industrial Scale

Day 2: Saturday, 7 January 2012

Invited Talk:
	Eduard Hovy.
	Building a Large Corpus of Shallow Semantics: The OntoNotes

Erhard Hinrichs and Thomas Zastrow.
	Linguistic Annotations and Query Mechanism for a Diachronic
	Corpus of German
Anette Frank, Thomas Bögel, Oliver Hellwig and Nils Reiter.
	Semantic Annotation for the Digital Humanities – Using Markov
	Logic Networks for Annotation Consistency Control
Anderson Bertoldi and Rove Chishman.
	Frame Semantics and legal corpora annotation: Theoretical and
	applied challenges
Ines Rehbein, Hagen Hirschmann, Marc Reznicek and Anke Lüdeling.
	Better tags give better trees – or do they?
Samar Husain and Bhasha Agrawal.
	Analyzing parser errors to improve parsing accuracy and to 	
	inform treebanking decisions
Tanja Samardzic and Paola Merlo.
	The Meaning of Lexical Causatives in Cross-Linguistic Variation
Annette Rios Gonzales, Anne Göhring and Martin Volk.
	Parallel Treebanking Spanish-Quechua: How and how well do they
Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova.
	Design and Implementation of a Bulgarian-English Treebank


* António Branco, Portugal (co-chair)
* Anette Frank, Germany (co-chair)
* Kaili Muurisep, Estonia (co-chair)

* Johan Bos, the Netherlands
* Gosse Bouma, the Netherlands
* Koenraad De Smedt, Norway
* Markus Dickinson, USA
* Stefanie Dipper, Germany
* Dan Flickinger, USA
* Eva Hajičová, Czech Republic
* Erhard Hinrichs, Germany
* Julia Hockenmaier, USA
* Valia Kordoni, Germany
* Sandra Kübler, USA
* Detmar Meurers, Germany
* Yusuke Miyao, Japan
* Geertjan van Noord, the Netherlands
* Kemal Oflazer, Qatar
* Sebastian Padó, Germany
* Marco Passarotti, Italy
* Adam Przepiórkowski, Poland
* Victoria Rosén, Norway
* Kiril Simov, Bulgaria
* Caroline Sporleder, Germany
* Manfred Stede, Germany
* Martin Volk, Switzerland
* Annie Zaenen, USA
* Heike Zinsmeister, Germany


* Anette Frank, Heidelberg University
* Markus Kirschner, Heidelberg University
* Christoph Mayer, Heidelberg University
* Madeline Remse, Heidelberg University
* Hiko Schamoni, Heidelberg University
* Corinna Schwarz, Heidelberg University
* Anke Sopka, Heidelberg University


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