[Elsnet-list] Polish WordNet now in the public domain

Stan Szpakowicz szpak at eecs.uottawa.ca
Tue Nov 22 16:31:17 CET 2011

We are pleased to announce the release of Polish WordNet, plWordNet 1.5, 
into the public domain. The resource has been built from scratch, 
following the general model of Princeton WordNet. See 
for a detailed discussion of the first stage of the construction, 
completed in 2009. The latest version of plWordNet, with 73000 lexical 
units, 103000 unique senses and 150000 relation instances, is among the 
largest such systems not translated from Princeton WordNet.

There is a long announcement on the release at 
http://nlp.pwr.wroc.pl/plwordnet/download/?lang=eng -- please visit 
there soon!

Stan Szpakowicz, PhD, Professor
EECS, Computer Science, University of Ottawa

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