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Final Call for Participation

IWPT 2011, 12th International Conference on Parsing Technologies

October 5-7, 2011
Dublin, Ireland

Sponsored by ACL/SIGPARSE
Organised by Dublin City University

Dublin City University welcomes you to the 12th biennial SIGPARSE meeting.


*** Wednesday October 5, 2011 ***

09:15-09:30   	Opening

09:30-10:30   	Invited Talk
		Computing Scope in a CCG Parser 
		Mark Steedman

10:30-11:00   	Break

11:00-12:30   	Long Talks 1

		A Generalized View on Parsing and Translation 
		Alexander Koller and Marco Kuhlmann
		Tree Parsing with Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars 
		Matthias Büchse,  Mark-Jan Nederhof,  Heiko Vogler
		Finding the Most Probable String and the Consensus String: an
Algorithmic Study 
		Colin de la Higuera and Jose Oncina

12:30-14:00   	Lunch

14:00-15:30   	Short Talks 1

		A Word Clustering Approach to Domain Adaptation: Effective Parsing of
Biomedical Texts 
		Marie Candito,  Enrique Henestroza Anguiano,  Djamé Seddah

		Sentence-Level Instance-Weighting for Graph-Based and Transition-Based
Dependency Parsing 
		Anders Søgaard and Martin Haulrich

		Analysis of the Difficulties in Chinese Deep Parsing 
		Kun Yu,  Yusuke Miyao,  Takuya Matsuzaki,  Xiangli Wang,  Junichi Tsujii

		On the Role of Explicit Morphological Feature Representation in
Syntactic Dependency Parsing for German 
		Wolfgang Seeker and Jonas Kuhn

		Bayesian Network Automata for Modelling Unbounded Structures 
		James Henderson

		Model-Theory of Property Grammars with Features 
		Denys Duchier,  Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao,  Yannick Parmentier

15:30-16:30   	Break and Poster Session

16:30-18:00   	Long Talks 2

		Learning Structural Dependencies of Words in the Zipfian Tail 
		Tejaswini Deoskar,  Markos Mylonakis,  Khalil Sima'an

		One-Step Statistical Parsing of Hybrid Dependency-Constituency Syntactic
		Kais Dukes and Nizar Habash

		PLCFRS Parsing of English Discontinuous Constituents 
		Kilian Evang and Laura Kallmeyer

*** Thursday October 6, 2011 ***

09:30-10:30   	Invited Talk

		Towards a Neurobiologically Plausible Model of Human Sentence
Comprehension Across Languages 
		Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky

10:30-11:00   	Break

11:00-12:30   	Long Talks 3

		Minimally Supervised Domain-Adaptive Parse Reranking for Relation
		Feiyu Xu,  Hong Li,  Yi Zhang,  Hans Uszkoreit,  Sebastian Krause

		Simple Semi-Supervised Learning for Prepositional Phrase Attachment 
		Gregory F. Coppola,  Alexandra Birch,  Tejaswini Deoskar,  Mark Steedman

		Active Learning for Dependency Parsing Using Partially Annotated
		Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel and Alexis Nasr

12:30-13:30   	Lunch

13:30-17:30   	SPMRL Workshop

*** Friday October 7, 2011 ***

09:30-10:30   	Invited Talk

		Lagrangian Relaxation for Inference in Natural Language Processing 
		Michael Collins
10:30-11:00   	Break

11:00-12:30   	Long Talks 4

		Prefix Probabilities for Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems 
		Mark-Jan Nederhof and Giorgio Satta

		Efficient Matrix-Encoded Grammars and Low Latency Parallelization
Strategies for CYK 
		Aaron Dunlop,  Nathan Bodenstab,  Brian Roark

		Efficient Parallel CKY Parsing on GPUs 
		Youngmin Yi,  Chao-Yue Lai,  Slav Petrov,  Kurt Keutzer

12:30-14:00   	Lunch

14:00-15:30   	Short Talks 2

		CuteForce -- Deep Deterministic HPSG Parsing 
		Gisle Ytrestøl

		Large-Scale Corpus-Driven PCFG Approximation of an HPSG 
		Yi Zhang and Hans-Ulrich Krieger

		Features for Phrase-Structure Reranking from Dependency Parses 
		Richard Farkas,  Bernd Bohnet,  Helmut Schmid

		Comparing the Use of Edited and Unedited Text in Parser Self-Training 
		Jennifer Foster,  Ozlem Cetinoglu,  Joachim Wagner,  Josef van Genabith

		Beyond Chart Parsing: An Analytic Comparison of Dependency Chart Parsing
		Meixun Jin,  Hwidong Na,  Jong-Hyeok Lee

		Parser Evaluation Using Elementary Dependency Matching 
		Rebecca Dridan and Stephan Oepen

15:30-16:30   	Break and Poster Session

16:30-17:30   	Long Talks 5

		Parsing of Partially Bracketed Structures for Parse Selection 
		Mark-Jan Nederhof and Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez

		Detecting Dependency Parse Errors with Minimal Resources 
		Markus Dickinson and Amber Smith

17:30-17:45   	Closing


General Chair: Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
Program Chair: Joakim Nivre (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Local Arrangements Chair: Ozlem Cetinoglu (Dublin City University,

Local Arrangements Committee

Ozlem Cetinoglu (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Jennifer Foster (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Lamia Tounsi (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Deirdre Hogan (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Eithne McCann (Dublin City University, Ireland)

The Helix, Dublin City University

Conference Dinner
Johnnie Fox's


Early standard (before September 15):	€250
Late standard:	€300
Early student (before September 15):	€150
Late student:	€200

(includes lunch and the conference dinner)



iwpt2011 at computing.dcu.ie

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