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First Announcement

INTERSPEECH is the world's largest and most comprehensive conference on 
challenges surrounding the science and technology of Spoken Language 
Processing (SLP) both in humans and machines. It is our great pleasure 
to announce that Interspeech 2013 will be hosted by the Center of 
Congress of Lyon (France), under the sponsorship of the International 
Speech Communication Association (ISCA).

Interspeech 2013 will be the 14th conference in the annual series of 
Interspeech events and will be held in Lyon, France, 25-29 August 2013.

The theme of Interspeech 2013 is "Speech in Life Sciences and Human 
Societies". Life sciences cover a large set of disciplines, such as 
biology, medicine, anthropology, or ecology, and deal with living 
organisms and their organization, life processes, and relationships to 
each other and their environment. In that respect, speech appears as a 
key aspect of human activity that runs across these multiple sides of 
life sciences. Besides the conventional acoustic and linguistic 
viewpoints of speech communication, biology, psychology and sociology 
provide additional angles to approach speech as the keystone means of 
communication, cognition and interaction in the Human societies. Under 
this theme the conference will emphasize an interdisciplinary approach 
covering all aspects of speech science and technology spanning the basic 
theories to applications.

Besides regular oral and poster sessions, plenary talks by 
internationally renowned experts, tutorials, exhibits, and special 
sessions are planned. For the complete Call for Papers and other Calls 
please visit our website at: www.interspeech2013.org

We look forward to welcoming you to INTERSPEECH 2013 in Lyon!



CALL FOR SATELLITE WORKSHOPS (Workshops at Interspeech2013.org)
The call for Satellite workshops is now closed
Notification of acceptance and ISCA approval / sponsorship will be 
launched on October 30, 2012

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2012
Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2013

Tutorial proposals covering interdisciplinary topics and/or important 
new emerging areas of interest related to the main conference topics are 
encouraged. Visit the Tutorial Page of the conference website for more 
information and to submit a tutorial proposal.

Submission Deadline: January 4, 2013
Notification of acceptance: January 11, 2013

The Show & Tell sessions gather researchers, engineering groups, and 
practitioners from academia, industry, and governmental institutes in a 
unique opportunity to demonstrate their most advanced research systems 
and interact with the conference attendees in an informal way.
Other special events: less formal events about "SPEECH SCIENCES AND 

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2013
Notification of pre-acceptance: February 15, 2013

Special sessions can be an opportunity to bring researchers in relevant 
fields of interest outside the traditional speech and language fields, 
together with the Interspeech community.  Click here to learn more about 
the updated 2013 special session submission process.

Special Session Topics will be defined after May 13, 2013

Submission Deadline:  March 10, 2013
Notification of acceptance: May 13, 2013

We invite you to submit original papers in any related area, including - 
but not limited to:

* Speech Perception and Production
* Phonology, Phonetics
* Para-/Non- linguistic Information
* Language Processing
* Analysis, Enhancement and Coding of Speech and Audio Signals
* Speaker and Language Identification
* Speech & Spoken Language Generation, Speech Synthesis
* Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
* Technologies and Systems for New Applications
* Spoken Dialogue System, Spoken Language Understanding, Speech 
* Information Retrieval
* Application, Evaluation, Standardization, Spoken Language Resource
* Prostheses and aids for speech communication disorders
* Diagnosis and tools for speech therapy
* Emotional speech and affective computing
* Cognitive models of speech production and perception
* Natural and artifactual speech interaction
* Models for the origin and development of speech
* Speech communication diversity among people, languages and dialects

Paper Submission Procedure

The working language of the conference is English. Papers for the 
INTERSPEECH 2013 proceedings should be up to 4 pages of content plus one 
page of references in length and conform to the format given in the 
paper preparation guidelines and author kits which will be available on 
the INTERSPEECH 2013 website along with the Final Call for Papers. 
Optionally, authors may submit additional files, such as multimedia 
files, to be included on the Proceedings USB key. Authors shall also 
declare that their contributions are original and not being submitted 
for publication elsewhere (e.g. another conference, workshop, or 
journal). Papers must be submitted via the on-line paper submission 
system, which will open in February 24, 2013. The deadline for 
submitting a paper is March 10, 2013. This date will not be extended.

The Conference will be held at the  Cité Centre des Congrès, Lyon, 
France.   Click here (http://www.ccc-lyon.com/) to learn more about the CCC

Conference registration and the call for papers submission will open in 
February 24, 2013.  Visit the Conference website to keep abreast of the 
program developments.

Want to increase your visibility and access a market of over 800 
conference attendees?  Apply online to become a sponsor or exhibitor of 
the 2013 Conference.  Benefits are level based and are on a first come, 
first served basis.
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