[Elsnet-list] IUI'2013 reminder: workshop paper abstracts due to Jan 9

Daniel Sonntag daniel.sonntag at dcxt.com
Fri Dec 28 18:24:41 CET 2012

Dear colleagues,

the deadline for IUI 2013 Workshop Papers is fast approaching:

Abstracts due:    January 9, 2013
Papers due:    January 21, 2013
Decisions Sent:    February 11, 2013
Workshop date:    March 19, 2013

The workshops/conference will be held in Santa Monica, California on 
March 19-22, 2013

Useful links:
       - IUI conference web site: http://iuiconf.org
       - IUI workshops: http://www.iuiconf.org/Authors/Workshops

The conference will be held in Santa Monica, California on March 19-22, 

*IUI2013: Workshop on Interactive Machine Learning*

A growing community of researchers at the intersection of ML and 
human-computer interaction are making interaction with humans a central 
part of developing ML systems. These efforts include applying 
interaction design principles to ML systems, using human-subject testing 
to evaluate ML systems and inspire new methods, and changing the input 
and output channels of ML systems to better leverage human capabilities. 
With this workshop at IUI 2013 we aim to bring this community together 
to share ideas, get up-to-date on recent advances, progress towards a 
common framework and terminology for the field, and discuss the open 
questions and challenges.

*IUI2013: Second Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects*

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate discussion on the design of 
interaction with smart objects.
The workshop welcomes researchers, practitioners and experts from the 
various fields from human-computer interaction.

*IUI2013: 3rd Workshop on Location Awareness for Mixed and Dual Reality*

The workshop explores the interactions between location awareness and 
Dual/Mixed Reality in smart environments and the impact on culture and 
society. The main scope of this workshop is: How can the Dual Reality 
paradigm be used to improve applications in smart environments and which 
new possibilities are opened up by these paradigms? This includes 
positioning methods and location-based services using the DR paradigm, 
such as navigation services and group interaction services 
(location-based social signal processing). The workshop is also open to 
discuss sensor and actuator technologies that may help to realize the 
synchronization of the virtual and real world.

*IUI2013: Intelligent User Interfaces for Developing Regions *

This workshop aims to look at interaction from the viewpoint of users in 
developing regions. We will identify interesting research challenges and 
usability obstacles experienced by this user population at the workshop. 
Related workshops were conducted in 2008 and 2011, and several 
interesting themes emerged, for example low-literacy and multimodal 
interfaces. In 2013, we will build on past workshops by focusing on 
different themes that affect the interactions of this target population. 
At IUI4DR 2013, we aim to focus on understanding the problem(s) faced by 
people in developing regions, and how those problems could be addressed 
by appropriate intelligent user interface technologies.
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