[Elsnet-list] PhD position available 'Multiple Source Stream Integration in Human Listeners' - Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Odette Scharenborg Odette.Scharenborg at mpi.nl
Fri Jan 13 11:38:51 CET 2012

PhD project: Multiple source stream integration in human listeners
available at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network Investigating Speech  
Processing In Realistic Environments (INSPIRE) will provide research  
opportunities for 13 PhD students and 3 postdocs.

As a PhD student you will become a member of an international team of  
researchers whose aim is to gain a better understanding of how listeners  
recognize speech, even under non-ideal circumstances. You will contribute  
to urgently needed solutions that help alleviate the serious communication  
problems that arise, especially for older and hearing-impaired persons,  
when different combinations of ’adverse’ conditions affect the speech  
processing system.  More information on the INSPIRE-project can be found  
here: http://www.ru.nl/clst/projects/speech/inspire/

Your research will focus on questions such as: How do listeners integrate  
different information streams, such as lexical and acoustic information,  
in order to understand speech? What is the importance of these information  
streams for normal and hearing-impaired listeners, in noisy and in  
noise-free environments, and under cognitive load? Listeners may differ in  
how well they are able to use information efficiently during speech  
processing, depending on their cognitive and linguistic abilities. By  
investigating how listener-intrinsic abilities with respect to information  
stream integration interact with external adverse listening conditions, we  
aim to obtain a realistic view of how speech processing works in everyday  

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a strong background in speech  
and/or language research and statistics. Experience with setting-up and  
running psycholinguistic listening experiments and knowledge of  
programming would be an advantage.

Host: Centre for Language Studies (http://www.let.ru.nl/ ), Radboud  
University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Primary host: Dr Odette Scharenborg (Odette.Scharenborg at mpi.nl), Max  
Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (http://www.mpi.nl) & Dr Esther  
Janse (Esther.Janse at mpi.nl), Centre for Language Studies  
(http://www.let.ru.nl/ ), Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Second host: Prof Sven Mattys (Sven.Mattys at bristol.ac.uk), School of  
Experimental Psychology (http://psychology.psy.bris.ac.uk/), University of  
Bristol, UK

You should comply with the rules set forward by the FP7 Marie Curie ITNs,  
i.e. you should:
- come from abroad, i.e. not be of Dutch nationality, and should not have  
resided in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the last three years;
- be willing to work in at least one other country in the INSPIRE network;
- have less than 4 years of research experience since you obtained your  
Master’s degree, and not hold a PhD.

Salary: The starting salary is €2,042 per month on a full-time basis; the  
salary will increase to €2,492 per month in the third year.

Envisaged starting date: 1 April 2012

How to apply:
Applications should include a CV, university transcripts, names and  
e-mailaddresses of two potential referees, and a 2-page statement of  
research interests explaining why the INSPIRE goals appeal to you and how  
the INSPIRE team would benefit from your participation. It is Radboud  
University Nijmegen's policy to only accept applications by e-mail. Please  
send your application, stating vacancy number 23.03.12, to  
vacatures at let.ru.nl, for the attention of Mr. drs. M.J.M. van Nijnatten,  
before 15 Feb 2012.
Application deadline: A first review of applications will begin on 15  
February 2012 and will continue until the position is filled
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