[Elsnet-list] ILLC Research Reports and Technical Notes 2012

Marco Vervoort M.R.Vervoort at uva.nl
Sat Jun 30 23:10:08 CEST 2012

ILLC Scientific Publications

This document contains the titles of the reports that were published
by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year.
These reports are electronically available,
 by WWW at http://www.illc.uva.nl/Publications and
 or FTP at ftp://ftp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/
For more information, please contact the ILLC bureau:
       ILLC Bureau
       University of Amsterdam
       Science Park 904
       NL-1098 XH Amsterdam
       The Netherlands
       Email: illc at uva.nl

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of 
  PP = Prepublication Series
  MoL = Master of Logic Thesis


Report PP-2012-01
Title: Complexity judgments as a measure of event salience in musical 
Author: Olivia Ladinig, Henkjan Honing

Report PP-2012-02
Title: Computational Social Choice: Prospects and Challenges
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-03
Title: Logic and Social Choice Theory
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-04
Title: Computational Social Choice
Author: Felix Brandt, Vincent Conitzer, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-05
Title: Voter Response to Iterated Poll Information
Author: Annemieke Reijngoud, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-06
Title: Objectivity and reproducibility of formal narrative representations 
or annotations: Propp's functions \& narrative summarization
Author: Alexander Block, Rens Bod, Bernhard Fisseni, Adil Kurji, Carlos 
Le\'on, Benedikt L\"owe, Deniz Sarikaya

Report PP-2012-07
Title: Internal Categoricity in Arithmetic and Set Theory
Author: Jouko V\"a\"an\"anen, Tong Wang

Report PP-2012-08
Title: Which dimensions of narrative are relevant for human judgments of 
story equivalence?
Author: Bernhard Fisseni, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2012-09
Title: Objectivity and reproducibility of Proppian annotations
Author: Rens Bod, Bernhard Fisseni, Aadil Kurji, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2012-10
Title: Narrative summarization and its correspondence to Proppian functions
Author: Alexander Block, Bernhard Fisseni, Carlos Le\'on, Benedikt L\"owe, 
Deniz Sarikaya

Report PP-2012-11
Title: Sincerity and Manipulation under Approval Voting
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-12
Title: First-Order Logic Formalisation of Impossibility Theorems in 
Preference Aggregation
Author: Umberto Grandi, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2012-13
Title: Language in Nature: on the evolutionary roots of a cultural 
Author: Willem Zuidema

Report MoL-2012-01
Title: Ontological Commitment of Natural Language Semantics
Author: Viktoriia Denisova

Report MoL-2012-02
Title: Mechanism Design without Money
Author: Sylvia Boicheva

Report MoL-2012-03
Title: On Context-Free Grammar Induction by Incremental Compression
Author: Thomas Peetz

Report MoL-2012-04
Title: Completeness for Two Left-Sequential Logics
Author: Daan Staudt

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