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CoCo-FLaRE: Reinforcing International Collaboration on Language 
Resources and Evaluation
A joint COCOSDA -- FLaReNet Workshop at LREC 2012
Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Language Resources and Evaluation are gathering more and more momentum, 
with the increasing success of the LREC conference and of the LRE 
journal, and with new program initiatives flourishing in Europe 
(FLaReNet, META-SHARE, CLARIN, etc.), as well as in other parts of the 
world (TDIL, NHN, Language GRID, ALAGIN, BOLT, SILT etc.).

COCOSDA, the Coordinating Committee on Speech Databases and Speech I/O 
Systems Assessment, paved the way with its pioneering creation in 1991 
to serve the international speech processing community.

Since then, COCOSDA continues to gather the international speech 
community under its informal umbrella, while the European initiatives 
extend their scope to language in general, through ELRA and LREC, and 
Oriental COCOSDA fosters spoken language resources with an increasing 
participation of Asian countries in its annual conferences. This 2012 
workshop will be the occasion to share views on ways to reinforce
international collaboration in the field of Language Resources and 
Evaluation at a time when data sharing is coming to the forefront of 
science, in many different areas such as biology, astrophysics, 
humanities, etc.
The workshop will comprise two parts: a morning session specifically 
devoted to spoken language resources and evaluation, organized by 
COCOSDA, and an afternoon session enlarging the scope to speech & 
language in general. A final discussion will aim at proposing new 
measures to increase and improve international collaboration and 
coordination, in order to foster Language Resources and Evaluation.

The workshop is open to all interested parties at no charge, but 
registration is mandatory. Those wishing to contribute topics at the 
workshop are invited to contact the organizers by March 15th.

- Nicoletta Calzolari (glottolo at ilc.cnr.it) (Co-Chair)
- Dafydd Gibbon (gibbon at uni-bielefeld.de) (Co-Chair)
- Nick Campbell (nick at tcd.ie)
- Khalid Choukri (choukri at elda.org)
- Joseph Mariani (Joseph.Mariani at limsi.fr)

Morning session

"COCOSDA: New developments in multimodal resources and assessment"
This session will consist of regional and topical reports, with 
discussion, by COCOSDA members and invited presenters. A central push 
forward in multimodal speech research has come from the increasing 
amount of work on the languages of smaller speech communities, resulting 
in large amounts of new data from typologically very different languages 
with very different sound inventories, prosody, grammar, and speech 
dialogue conventions.

Tentative Schedule:
Introduction (D. Gibbon)

Part 1: Topical reports with a special emphasis on resources and 
evaluation for :
· speech interaction with robotic and virtual agents,
· types of multimodal systems,
· types of mobile systems,
· under-resourced languages.

Coffee break

Part 2: Regional reports
Presentations will summarize regional developments in Africa, the 
Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania in current major topic areas.

Part 3: Information exchange and discussion

Lunch Break

Afternoon session
"International collaboration and coordination on Language Resources and 
This session will be devoted to the various aspects of international 
collaboration on Language Resources and Evaluation such as:
· Charting the field
· Ensuring the best possible language coverage
· Fostering language resources
· Sharing language resources
· Identifying and tracking the resources
· Recognizing the merits of LR producers and LT evaluators
· Networking the community, etc.

It will rely on the activities conducted in this area in various part of 
the world, including the recent conclusions and recommendations of the 
FLaReNet project.

Tentative Schedule:
Introduction (N. Calzolari)
Part 1: Information and Instruments
· Charting the field
LRE Map and Language Matrices, FLaReNet International Wiki survey and 
Contact Points, META-NET Language White Papers and Tables, ...
· Ensuring the best possible language coverage
Highlights of National Programs on LR, Endangered and local languages, ...
· Sharing Resources
META-SHARE, Language Grid, NSF policy, the Language Library, ...

Coffee break

Part 2: Actions
· Fostering language resources
The FLaReNet Strategic Language Resource Agenda
· Identifying and tracking resources
The new ISLRN initiative
· Recognizing the merits of LR producers and LT evaluators
Towards a Language Resource Impact Factor?
· Networking the community
The LRE Forum

Part 3: General discussion: The way forward
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