[Elsnet-list] 1 year Post-doc/Post-graduate position - Verb Semantics - University of Firenze

Massimo Moneglia massimo.moneglia at unifi.it
Wed Mar 14 19:11:39 CET 2012

1 year Post-doc/Post-graduate position available - University of Florence

Title: Bootstrapping semantic information from BNC spoken for the
setting up of the IMAGACT ontology

The LABLITA-LAB at the Italian Department of the University of Florence, 
is developing a cross-linguistic ontology of action concepts referred to 
by high frequency
verbs, performed in the frame of the coordinated IMAGACT project.
The overall objective is to provide annotation of verb occurrences in 
spoken corpora that
are relevant to the Cross-linguistic Ontology of action, and derive a 
mapping between the different languages.
Current work is on the spoken BNC for English and C-ORAL-ROM for Italian.

The position foresees the processing of around 30,000 verb occurrences 
in the corpus
by a native English speaker and the selection and annotation of roughly 
40% of those
occurrences which actually refer to action.

IMAGACT will provide the spec. and (web) annotation infrastructure to 
perform the work.

The work is divided into the following subtasks:
1. Corpus based work
- Bootstrapping of equivalent classes of action concepts extended by a 
set of high
frequency action verbs in a selection of the spoken BNC
- parallel negative selection of occurrences not referring to action
- Validation of action classes as regards total occurrences/best examples
- Semantic annotation of action types so derived from corpus annotation
- Cross-linking with Italian semantic equivalents

2. Contribution to the Cross-linguistic ontology
- Negotiation with a supervisor of prototypic images representing action 

Master or PhD in Linguistics, Computational linguistics or Computer Science
Native/Mother Tongue English Speaker
Basic skills in Semantics and logical thought

The presence in Florence can be negotiated and is strictly required only 
for the
initial training and for periodical verification meetings.
Italian knowledge is not strictly necessary; it is enough to be in the 
spirit to interact
with Italians.
To be accepted candidates should proove their understanding of the project
framework and their capacity to apply the concepts in the annotation task.
To this end a brief tutorial with an annotation test is foreseen (on 
site or through
Skype video-conference).

Deadline for application: Open until filled

Please send enquiries or applications along with a CV to
Prof. Massimo Moneglia (moneglia at unifi.it)

Further information on the project and lab at:

Prof. Massimo Moneglia
Italian Department (DIPITA)
University of Florence
Piazza Savonarola, 1
50132 Florence – Italy
moneglia at unifi.it
tel +390555032486
fax +390555032476

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