[Elsnet-list] MLSA Corpus for German Sentiment Analysis, Official Release

Stefanos Petrakis stefanos.petrakis at gmail.com
Tue May 22 15:46:51 CEST 2012

Dear elsnet-list members,

The Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA) is pleased to announce
the public release of the Multi-layered Reference Corpus for German Sentiment Analysis (MLSA).
The resource is as of now publicly available under the CC's 'Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported' License.
You can obtain it from http://iggsa.sentimental.li/.

MLSA is a publicly available multi-layered reference corpus for German-language sentiment analysis. The
construction of the corpus is based on the manual annotation of 270 German-language sentences considering three different layers of
granularity. The sentence-layer annotation, as the most coarse-grained annotation, focuses on aspects of objectivity, subjectivity and the
overall polarity of the respective sentences. Layer 2 is concerned with polarity on the word- and phrase-level, annotating both subjective
and factual language. The annotations on Layer 3 focus on the expression-level, denoting frames of private states such as objective and
direct speech events. These three layers and their respective annotations are intended to be fully independent of each other. At the same
time, exploring for and discovering interactions that may exist between different layers should also be possible. The reliability of the
respective annotations was assessed using the average pairwise agreement and Fleiss’ multi-rater measures. We believe that MLSA is a
beneficial resource for sentiment analysis research, algorithms and applications that focus on the German language.

Best regards,
the IGGSA team
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