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Subject to a close co-operation with the German Institute for
International Educational Research and Educational Information (DIPF) in
Frankfurt am Main, a member of the Leibniz Association, the Technical
University of Darmstadt is offering

Doctoral scholarships in information technology / computer science

The regular maximum duration of funding is 36 months. Scholarships are
granted for completing a doctoral thesis in information
technology/computer science focusing on text or data mining, automatic
language processing, computer science or a related topic in the field of
"Knowledge Discovery in Scientific Publications". Successful candidates
will be granted 1,400 Euros per month. The postgraduate program is due
to start on February 1st, 2013. Scholarships will be appointed
subsequent to the signature of both contracting institutions. The
program will be located at the DIPF in Frankfurt (Main).

A growing amount of scientific literature is ubiquitously available on
the worldwide web. Research concerning this fact is guided by the idea
of an intelligent identification and analysis of structures and trends
in scientific texts on all scales, enabling completely new, previously
unforeseen forms of scientific research on the web. Full texts of
publications, including new forms of scientific Web 2.0 publication,
will provide the basis, together with their manifold networking via
citations, authoring structures and the linguistic and semantic
knowledge that is to be intelligently extracted from the texts. The
envisaged topic requires intensive research on innovative information
technology methods, e.g. regarding querying, indexing, discovering
knowledge and preparing knowledge on the web. Implicit knowledge
contained in scientific literature is thus tapped and rendered usable.
Priority will be given to the field of educational research as the
target domain. To this end, the DIPF offers excellent opportunities for
a close co-operation with subsequent users. Possible fields of research
are: Retrieval and networking of scientific literature on the web;
semantic modeling and extracting Information; automatic classification
and linking of publications by topic or methods; personalized
information processing; assessment of quality, impact, research
reputation of publications, authors and research groups; recognition and
analysis of trends and interdisciplinary research connections.

The program will bring together the disciplines of "Knowledge
Engineering", "Algorithmics", "Language Technology", "Ubiquitous
Knowledge Processing", "Knowledge Mining and Assessment" (Department of
Computer Science, TU Darmstadt) and the working groups for "Information
Management", "Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing", "Knowledge Mining and
Assessment" (Information Center for Education, DIPF ). The concept for
supervision strongly relies on close contacts between postgraduate
students and their supervisors, regular joint meetings, co-supervision
by professors and senior researchers from the disciplines and a lively
exchange in the research and qualification program. Furthermore, the
program strives to publish research findings at leading scientific
conferences and provide its software freely accessible as open source

Requirements for application Excellently qualified graduates from the
disciplines of computer science/information technology, automatic
language processing, information science and related studies are invited
to apply. Successful candidates are expected to possess very good
programming skills in Java, to work independently, demonstrate their
personal commitment, team and communication skills as well as a
readiness to cooperate. Experience in scientific work, e.g. automatic
language processing, machine learning and network-based processes and
information processing methods would be appreciated. Women are expressly
invited to submit their application. According to the pursuant legal
requirements, applicants with disabilities will be preferably treated in
the appointment procedure. Candidates from abroad are encouraged to

The Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt [1] regularly ranks
among the top in Germany. Among its distinguishing features are its
research initiative "Knowledge Discovery on the Web" [2] focusing on
powerful language technology procedures, text mining, machine learning
and scalable infrastructures for assessing and aggregating knowledge. As
a scientific institute belonging to the Leibniz Association, the DIPF
[3] targets top-class basic research as well as innovative scientific
services. Education is addressed as an area with high visibility and
significance. The DIPF is currently establishing a research priority
domain for educational information science, by joining competencies with
computer scientists at TU Darmstadt. In this context, the doctoral
program will constitute a central element.

Please submit your application by November 28, 2011. Applications should
include a letter of motivation, CV and details regarding previous
scientific work, certifications of studies and work, including the
graduate thesis and possibly electronic publications. Applications
should be sent to Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych and Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger,
e-mail: phd-application (at) ukp (dot) informatik (dot) tu-darmstadt (dot) de.

[1] https://www.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/
[2] http://www.werc.tu-darmstadt.de/
[3] http://www.dipf.de/

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