[Elsnet-list] Job: NLP Research Scientist - Nuance Communications, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA Research Group)

Tetreault, Joel Joel.Tetreault at nuance.com
Wed Nov 21 00:01:11 CET 2012

General Description
Nuance is the world-wide leader in voice technologies. We are now making substantial research and development investments to add natural language processing capabilities to our speech infrastructure. We are expanding our new Silicon Valley Natural Language Research laboratory. The goal of this group is to develop the next generation of intelligent, conversational agents. We seek research scientists with the following backgrounds:
§  Dialog processing
§  Discourse and anaphora resolution
§  Multimodal generation
§  Parsing
§  Entity recognition
§  Morphology
§  Multilingual NLP
§  Semantic interpretation
§  Ownership of a major component of the conversational system.
§  Conduct research on the dialog, generation, or reasoning components, and incorporate the latest advances from major conferences in the field.
§  Adapt existing components within Nuance and from previous research in the field to a new problem space and domain.
§  Understand the trade-offs between multiple competing approaches, and choose the ones that are likely to have future impact on the company's products.
§  Design components in a way that will generalize across domains. Minimize the code change and human effort needed for the system to work in a new domain.
§  Collaborate with other scientists and engineers inside and outside of the team.
§  Patent or publish experimental results or designs when appropriate.
§  Ph.D. in computer science, computational linguistics, linguistics, or another technical field with a focus on natural language processing.
§  Solid track record in both projects and publications for natural language processing.
§  Solid implementation skills in C++, Java, scripting languages.
§  Knowledge of both statistical and rule-based methods for natural language processing.

Interested candidates should contact Jennifer Garvale at Jennifer.Garvale at nuance.com. For additional information about the technical aspects of the position, feel free to contact Joel Tetreault at Joel.Tetreault at nuance.com.

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