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Multimodality and Multilinguism: new Challenges for the study of Oral
Communication (MaMChOC)
9th AISV National Conference
January 21st-23rd 2013, Ca’ Foscari University – Venezia

Call for Papers
We are glad to announce that the 9th National Conference of AISV (Italian
Association for Speech Sciences – ISCA Special Interest Group) will be held
in Venice from 21st to 23rd January 2013, hosted by Ca’ Foscari University
of Venice.
Conference Theme
Applications on mobile devices in the field of oral communication pose
challenges which have become more and more compelling in the linguistic
field. Speech-To-Speech Translation (STST) has pushed the boundaries of
linguistic research in the computational field higher, in yet to be
discovered areas which are deeply rooted in the linguistic and
paralinguistic domain. In addition, there is a strongly felt need for the
creation of brand new mathematical models that are capable to face
challenges posed by spoken dialogues. The possibility to combine Machine
Translation (MT) to obtain multilingual dialogues, which may be enriched by
the analysis of facial expressions - nowadays almost a reality, will in the
near future endow Speech Synthesis with the possibility to associate more
adequate intonation and tone of voice to linguistic forms generated in the
target language. It goes without saying that the same type of multilingual
spoken information processing will be possible in absence of human
interlocutors, with intelligent responders, and in the last resort, with
robots collaborating with humans.
Main theme of this conference is Dialogue, and the role played by
differences at multilingual level, including the role of facial expressions
in the communication process. This theme is intended both as analysis of
oral production in spontaneous dialogues, but also and foremost as
generation by means of automatic tools for MT. In particular, MT will play
a central role, in so far as it is finalized for dialogue, a field which
still suffers the lack of parallel corpora of adequate size: this situation
being not easy to mend, given the nature of the data to be collected and
the requirements imposed by statistical modeling. For this reason, more
adequate technologies call for the union of mathematical model for sparse
datasets with annotations that encode semantic and pragmatic information.
In all these contexts formal descriptions of spoken dialogues at semantic
and pragmatic level are needed, that accompany data produced by ASR and
improved by experimental phonetics.
An interesting role in this context can also be played by research carried
out in the field of sign language.
Abstract Submission
Participants interested in presenting their work should submit an abstract
of at least 5000 characters (including spaces) and not more than 7500
characters (including spaces). The abstracts will be evaluated anonymously
by the scientific committee. Abstracts may be submitted online in *.doc and
*.pdf formats by accessing the conference website. The official language of
the conference is Italian, but abstracts and presentations in English are
also welcome.

•    Abstract submission: October 10, 2012
•    Notification of acceptance: November 30, 2012
•    Early-bird registration: December 20, 2012
•    Conference days: January 21-23, 2013
•    Submission of full paper: May 15, 2013
For registration and further information, please check the website:
http://www.aisv.it/it/notizie/98-convegno-aisv-2013 or

Organizing Committees
General Organization and Program
Rodolfo Delmonte, Ca’ Foscari
Giuliana Giusti, Ca’ Foscari
Chiara Branchini, Ca’ Foscari
Marcello Pelillo, Ca’ Foscari
Massimiliano Bampi, Ca’ Foscari
Piero Cosi, ICST
Giuseppe Riccardi, Univ. Trento
Maurizio Omologo, FBK
Marcello Federico, FBK
Emanuele Pianta, FBK
Sara Tonelli, FBK
Barbara Gili Fivela, Univ.Salento
Cinzia Avesani, ISTC
Antonio Romano, LFSAG/CLIFU

Local Organization
Michele Brunelli,
Antonella Bristot,
Rocco Tripodi,
Univ. Ca’ Foscari
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