[Elsnet-list] 2 post-doc positions in multilingual text mining and media monitoring at the JRC

Ralf Steinberger ralf.steinberger at jrc.ec.europa.eu
Fri Sep 21 12:32:04 CEST 2012

Readers on this list may be interested in the following three-year post-doc
positions to work at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC)
in Ispra, at the Lago Maggiore in Italy. 
Code: 2012-IPR-G-30-000-00741 - CAT 30 - ISPRA
Multi-lingual and multi-functional information extraction methods and tools
Code: 2012-IPR-G-30-000-00743 - CAT 30 - ISPRA
Engineering Media Monitoring Software Solutions
Applicants need to hold a Ph.D. or have at least five years of relevant
post-graduate experience. 
URL with job details:     http://recruitment.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ (select IPSC
URL with conditions:      http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm?id=4790 
Application deadline:     17.10.2012
Duration:                 36 months
Type of contract:         category 30 grant holder
Action:                   Open Source Text Information Mining and Analysis
Scientific website:       http://langtech.jrc.ec.europa.eu
EMM online applications:   <http://emm.newsbrief.eu/overview.html>
Information on the team and its work:
The JRC's Global Security and Crisis Management Unit (GlobeSec) supports the
Union's policies to strengthen the EU's resilience to crises and disasters
as well as the EU's aim to promote stability and peace through its research
in crisis management technologies and in information mining and analysis.
The Unit's OPTIMA (Open Source Text Information Mining and Analysis) Action
develops innovative solutions for retrieving and extracting information from
the Internet, and especially from online news and social media. It serves
many Commission Services, EU agencies and some EU Member State authorities.
The core of this action is the Europe Media Monitor (EMM). EMM gathers and
analyses about 150,000 online news articles per day in 50 languages.
The technologies that have been developed so far in the OPTIMA Action
include multilingual tools for the following tasks: event extraction;
automatic entity recognition, classification and disambiguation; name
variant mapping; co-reference resolution; quotation recognition; opinion
mining; multi-document summarisation; document clustering and
classification; machine translation; information aggregation, including
across languages; and more. Rule-based, as well as Machine Learning and
hybrid methods are being used to achieve these goals. 

These techniques are already to some extent being deployed in several
operational applications (see  <http://emm.newsbrief.eu/overview.html>
http://emm.newsbrief.eu/overview.html)  and part of the work would be in
support of these applications. The on-going research has a strong focus on
applicability in a highly multi-lingual environment. The work is very
practical and goal-oriented. Hands-on experience with developing tools is
thus essential. Research results are expected to be used operationally. The
candidate is expected to contribute to scientific publications of the
research results.
Ralf Steinberger 
European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)
IPSC - GlobeSec - OPTIMA (OPensource Text Information Mining and Analysis)
21027 Ispra (VA), Italy

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