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Ahmed M. Ali amali at qf.org.qa
Thu Apr 4 22:25:22 CEST 2013

The Arabic Language Technology team at QCRI is looking for an experienced software engineer to work on the QCRI Arabic Broadcast transcription system (see About QCRI, below).
QCRI has developed a prototype Arabic Broadcast Transcription System using Arabic Automatic Speech Recognition technology. With the growing demand and rapid need to deploy it for our partners, we need to build enterprise level solution with scalability in mind. We are looking for a software developer with both ASR experience and an engineer’s mindset.

You will work, jointly with the QCRI team, on architecture design of the parallel and asynchronic framework to achieve both reliability and scalability. You will provide solutions to monitoring and continuously improving the performance of our system.
Our unique set-up and breadth of technology makes this a stimulating challenge, also certainly an excellent career development opportunity.

We are looking for a self-motivated and experienced software engineer, who enjoys working in the dynamic and flexible environment of successful and growing start-up teams.

 Degree in Computer Science or related field
 Excellent programming skills in at least one of the following (C, C++, Java) and one of the scripting languages (Python, Perl, Bash),
 Familiar with the Linux environment
 Experience in large scale system development, including managing the entire software development cycle (design, implementation, test and release)
 Experience with source control systems, build tools, software development toolkits
 5+ years experience in commercial or relevant academic environments
 Understanding large scale automatic speech recognition system
 Problem solving skills with a mindset of getting things done

 Experience in development and/or deployment of a speech recognition solutions, with emphasis on language pack modelling, dictionary tuning, grammar development, audio signal processing / codec experience...etc.
 Have worked on live application or service that includes speech recognition
 Experience working with one of the following open source ASR tool kit; HTK, Sphinx or Kaldi
 Degree in speech, computational linguistics, natural language processing, signal processing
 Experience with the different aspects on development of client and server side J2SE applications
 Experience with storage architectures including NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra
 Experience with iterative development and agile methodologies
 Preferably have worked in a start-up environment

QCRI is a recently established research center located in Doha, Qatar, and is part of Qatar Foundation.
Research areas at QCRI include Arabic language technologies, social computing, data analytics, cloud computing, and scientific computing.
QCRI strives to become the regional and global leader in Arabic language technologies – in the areas of search, information retrieval and analysis, multilingual language processing,
advanced machine translation, speech recognition, video search, and is also leading efforts to increase and enrich Arabic language content online.
QCRI is an equal opportunities employer.

Please send to: amali at qf.org.qa<mailto:amali at qf.org.qa> / svogel at qf.org.qa<mailto:svogel at qf.org.qa>
Also, you can apply here: http://qcri.qa/join-us/apply-now/apply-now

For more information, please visit:

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