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Conference 'Digital Testimonies on War and Trauma (DTWT2013) June 12-14, 2013 Erasmus Studio for e-research / Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands http://digitaltestimonies2013.wordpress.com/

To mark the completion of the video-life stories project Croatian Memories (CroMe) created in cooperation with the Croatian NGO Documenta, the Erasmus Studio for e-research will host the international multidisciplinary conference 'Digital Testimonies on War and Trauma' at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 12-14 June 2013.

The Call for Papers for this conference was closed on 1 February 2013. The selected papers can be found on the conference Programme page, and researchers and practitioners from the domains of oral history, archives and ICT are now invited to participate and to sign up on the Registration page.


The conference aims to bring together scholars involved in the creation of digital oral history sources, for both research and archival purposes, with the intent to discuss the potential use and impact of digitized narratives related to war and trauma, across disciplinary and national boundaries. Because of the specific regional context in which the CroMe project has been conducted, part of the programme will focus on the role and use of oral history in the former Yugoslavia. Another strong focus will be on new insights with regard to the challenges of creating and opening up digital oral history archives in the digital era.


- Prof. Nicolas Apostolopoulos (Centre for Digital Systems at the Free University of Berlin, Germany)

- Dr. Steven High (Research Chair in Public History at Concordia University, Canada and co-director of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling)

- Prof. Doug Oard (Professor of Information Sciences at the University of Maryland, U.S.A.)

*SPECIAL SESSIONS* (apart from regular panel sessions)

- The making of the CroMe collection   (Chair: Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past)

- Audiovisual histories in the courtroom (such as ICTY)  (Chair: Prof. Eric Ketelaar)

- PhD Masterclass

As the conference intends to be a meeting point for a variety of disciplines, DTWT explicitly welcomes anyone interested and engaged in documenting narratives on war, be it from an academic, journalistic, human rights perspective or just as a result of sheer interest.


Questions related to the conference can be addressed to: Laura Boerhout - digitaltestimonies2013 at wordpress.com<mailto:digitaltestimonies2013 at wordpress.com>


Among the DTWT2013 sponsors are: The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs , USC Shoah Foundation and Werkgemeenschap Informatiewetenschap.

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