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Informer: Winter 2013 Issue Out Now!



By Udo Kruschwitz

Fed up with the snow? Tired of writing SIGIR papers?  No exam papers to 
mark? Then why not take a glass of whisky, sit by the fire and read this 
new issue of Informer … We have prepared quite a mix of articles this 
time. We start with an idea that the older readers will remember. [...]



IR Made In Germany – The German IR Special Interest Group
By Ingo Frommholz

Introduction – IR Made In Germany 2012 marked an exciting year for the 
German Information Retrieval community, when for the first time ever 
with Norbert Fuhr a German was awarded the prestigious Gerard Salton 
Award. Besides being a well-deserved personal award, this brings with it 
a nice appreciation of the work performed by the German [...]



Webis Group, Weimar
By Benno Stein

The Web Technology and Information Systems group, Webis for short 
(www.webis.de), is part of the media faculty at the Bauhaus-Universität 
Weimar. The faculty provides, among others, the study course Computer 
Science and Media (both bachelor and master) and has a strong commitment 
to research in the field of digital media and information technology. 
The Webis [...]



Information Retrieval between Disciplines: Computer Science and 
Information Science – The IR group at the University of Hildesheim
By Christa Womser-Hacker and Thomas Mandl

Information Retrieval Research in Germany is mainly done within the 
Computer Science Community represented by the Special Interest Group. 
But there is also a considerable amount of work done within the smaller 
Information Science Community in the German speaking countries. The 
University of Hildesheim forms a link between these otherwise largely 
distinct communities. Information Science [...]



New Book: Designing the Search Experience
By Tony Russell-Rose

Remember the Yahoo! Directory? It was a hand-built taxonomy that allowed 
users to browse and discover Internet resources. By categorizing sites 
by topic and location, it became the definitive map of the World Wide 
Web. But at the turn of the millennium, Yahoo! transformed itself from a 
directory into a search engine. The task of [...]



Search Solutions 2012
By Deirdre Lungley

I attended BCS-IRSG’s Search Solutions 2012 event in London on 29th 
November, having missed it for a couple of years, and was reminded of 
the usefulness of this event for an academic researcher in the field. 
The industrial speakers, presenting the challenges and rewards of 
Applied Information Retrieval, keep us abreast of the expectations and [...]



Enterprise Search Europe 2013
By Katherine Allen

The third Enterprise Search Europe conference will take place in London 
on 15-16 May 2013, chaired by Martin White of Intranet Focus. BCS-IRSG 
Members can benefit from 20% discount on delegate places. “This year, 
the conference will focus on 5 key themes,” said Martin White. 
“SharePoint, the opportunities and challenges of big data, getting the [...]



Events Winter 2013
By Andy Macfarlane



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