[Elsnet-list] BioASQ challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic, indexing and question answering

Ion Androutsopoulos ionandr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 19:18:01 CET 2013

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BioASQ challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic
indexing and question answering
(BioASQ workshop to be collocated with CLEF 2013
in Valencia, Spain on September 27, 2013)

                    Web site: http://bioasq.org/
                 twitter: https://twitter.com/bioasq

The BioASQ challenge aims to push for a solution to the
information access problem of biomedical experts. It will
evaluate the ability of systems to perform various tasks
in the biomedical QA process:

1. large-scale classification of biomedical documents
onto ontology concepts (semantic indexing),
2. classification of biomedical questions onto relevant
3. retrieval of relevant document snippets, concepts
and knowledge base triples, and
4. delivery of the retrieved information in a concise
and user-understandable form.

In particular, the challenge will comprise two main tasks:

Task 1a. Large-scale online biomedical semantic indexing
(Starting April 15, 2013)
Large-scale semantic indexing will be evaluated on the
whole of PubMed. In particular, participants will be
asked to classify incoming documents before the human
curators do:
* BioASQ will distribute new unclassified PubMed documents.
* Participants will have a limited response time to attach
MeSH terms.

Task 1b. Biomedical semantic QA (starting June 3, 2013)
The systems will be evaluated against gold answers
created by a team of biomedical experts. The task will
run in two phases:
In Phase A:
* BioASQ will transmit simultaneously questions from the
* Participants will have limited time to respond with
concepts, snippets, triples.
In Phase B:
* BioASQ will distribute questions + concepts, snippets,
* Participants will respond with facts, summaries, etc.

Important dates:
March 18, 2013: Training data available for task 1a.
Dry-run data available for task 1b.
April 15, 2013: Start of task 1a.
June 3, 2013: Start of task 1b.
July 15, 2013; Submission of papers for BioASQ workshop
August 30, 2013: End of challenge
September 27, 2013: BioASQ workshop, collocated with
CLEF 2013

The BioASQ challenge and workshop are organised by the
BioASQ project, supported by the European Commission
within the 7th Framework Programme (Grant Agreement
No. 318652).

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