[Elsnet-list] VOICE News: VOICE POS and update to version 2.0!

voice at univie.ac.at voice at univie.ac.at
Tue Jan 22 13:32:17 CET 2013

Dear colleagues,

we are delighted to announce further developments of the VOICE Corpus. The
following new versions are now available:

- VOICE POS Online 2.0


- VOICE 2.0 Online


VOICE POS Online 2.0 and VOICE POS XML 2.0 are the first part-of-speech
tagged and lemmatized versions of VOICE. VOICE is thus the first publicly
accessible corpus of spoken ELF interactions to be annotated in this way.

VOICE POS Online 2.0 is made available online as an additional feature to
VOICE Online for all registered corpus users

VOICE POS XML 2.0 is available for download as part of the XML download
package, together with VOICE 2.0 XML

VOICE 2.0 Online and VOICE 2.0 XML are updated versions of the corpus with
further revisions in the corpus texts

We hope you will enjoy working with VOICE POS Online and XML and the
updated corpus versions and are very much looking forward to receiving any
kind of feedback you might have (please send us an email to
<voice at univie.ac.at>).

Best wishes,

Barbara Seidlhofer, Stefan Majewski, Ruth Osimk-Teasdale, Marie-Luise
Pitzl, Michael Radeka, Nora Dorn

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