[Elsnet-list] Hackathon meeting (July, 2, 2013) : text mining, opinion , emotion and sentiment analysis

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Related to the EU-project  OPeNER , we are organizing a Hackathon meeting.  We are inviting coders, linguists and (product) designers to join us for a one day Hackathon around Natural Language Technology and Text Mining large datasets and finding opinions and emotions in text. There's a large collection of state of the art web services, datasets and APIs available of which all "core" developers are present to help you get started. This is your chance to start your next big idea, see if the technology can help your research or your company, or simply enjoy the newest of the newest in language technology for a day.
When On Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013
Where Amsterdam , studio K, Timorplein 62, Amsterdam
Linguists , historians ……The idea is that most hackers don't know much about analyzing texts and about what can be done with these tools. If you are working in text analysis, maybe you are interested in (partly) automating the process. The tools developed so far are basic tools for identifying emotions, opinions and  named entities in text making use of basic linguistic processors like part-of-speech and automatic parsers. Tools can be applied on English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian and French. This is your chance to work with developers and designers and see how these automatic processes can  be improved.
Hackers, designers, developers ...You have got this awesome tool that can process  a lot of text in a minute. But  have no idea how you can dig deeper into the text. Or you are a visualization guru, but you ran out of ideas to visualize. This is your chance to build an awesome system. together with linguists and end users.
Companies, end users …   More and more companies  and you want to use the social network data to promote and offer your products, and  receive a lot of feedback from your customers. Considering the thousands of reactions that the people generates every on Social Networks, automatic analysis techniques become more and more interesting.  Do you also have such a company and do you want to have the opportunity to adapt our technology to your data and needs,  then come to the hackathon. Bring your ideas and (if you want) your data, and work together with data and text  mining experts.
More information  :
http://www.meetup.com/OpeNER-Hackathon/ (to subscribe)
OPeNER (EU 7th framework project) aims to provide enterprise and society with base technologies for Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition and Classification and Sentiment Analysis

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