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/*QTLaunchPad Workshop on User-Centric Machine Translation &*/

/*Evaluation at *//*MT Summit XIV*/ <http://www.mtsummit2013.info/>/*, 
Nice, September 3rd, 2013*/

*Call for Papers *

With the uptake of MT in production workflows, the issues of usability 
and realistic assessment of MT quality have led to increased calls for 
user-centric approaches to evaluation, accessibility, and effective 
usage. Users and their feedback are vital at many key points in the MT 
process: ranging from sourcing and using data, developing systems, 
evaluating them and their output, through to end-user consumption.

Users come in many forms: translators, post-editors, developers, and 
evaluators, and the quality of the tools, methods, and resources 
available to them are of critical importance, especially in the context 
of high-quality MT. There is a growing need for appropriate tools and 
resources to support MT in this regard to go beyond the crude scores of 
one-size-fits-all standard automatic metrics and resource-heavy human 
evaluation. A top desideratum is to enhance the diagnostic value of MT 
evaluation in order to help developers fine-tune and optimise the 
performance of their systems and to prepare the systems for actual usage 
in production environments.

This full-day workshop consists of an opening keynote by Philipp Koehn 
(/University of Edinburgh/), followed by a thematic series of 
presentations around the topics listed below. We then focus on the 
/Barriers to High-Quality Machine Translation/, a central concern of the 
QTLaunchPad project. This forms the basis of an interactive panel 
discussion comprised of invited representatives from industry, the 
translation community, researchers, government users, and the project 

*Topics of Interest:*


    User-centric measures and usability studies, e.g. methods of MT
    evaluation, cognitive effort, user experience and performance.


    Crowd and cloud ventures, e.g. crowd-sourced data, cloud-based
    translation and evaluation.


    Corpora for MT development and evaluation, e.g. availability,
    preprocessing, quality, interoperability, annotation, error corpora
    and test suites, self-learning, adaptive MT, feedback mechanisms.


    Diagnostic MT evaluation - human in the loop, e.g. identification
    and auto-correction of recurrent errors, learning from human evaluation.


    Fully and semi-automated error solutions, e.g. below threshold
    medium-quality translations, identifying and overcoming quality

*Schedule: *

Call for Papers


1st of March, 2013

*Submission of Papers*


*14th of June, 2013*

*Author Notifications*


*5th of July, 2013*

*Final/Camera-Ready Version*


*1st of August, 2013*

QTLaunchPad Workshop


3rd of September, 2013

MT Summit Main Conference


4-6th of September, 2013

Submissions: EasyChair 

Contact: stephen.doherty at dcu.ie <mailto:stephen.doherty at dcu.ie>

*Programme Committee:*

Hala Almaghout, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Silvia Bernardini, /University of Bologna at Forlì/

Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa

Adriano Ferraresi, /University of Bologna at Forlì/

Markus Foti, /Directorate General for Translation/

Federico Gaspari, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Josef van Genabith, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Declan Groves, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Dorothy Kenny, SALIS /Dublin City University/

Qun Liu, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Arle Lommel, / Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz /

Joss Moorkens, CNGL Dublin City University

Maja Popovic, / Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz /

Johann Roturier, /Symantec/

Antonio Toral, CNGL Dublin City University

Hans Uszkoreit, / Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz /

Eros Zanchetta, /University of Bologna at Forlì/

Federico Zanettin, /University of Perugia/

Ventsislav Zhechev, /Autodesk/

*Workshop Organisers:*

Stephen Doherty, /CNGL Dublin City University/

Lucia Specia, /University of Sheffield/

David Vilar, /Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz/

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