[Elsnet-list] Two-year Master's course in Cognitive Science at the University of Trento

Marco Baroni marco.baroni at unitn.it
Mon Mar 4 22:32:13 CET 2013

*** Two-year Master's course in Cognitive Science at the University of 
Trento ***

We would like to announce that the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences at the 
University of Trento (Italy) offers a Master's course in Cognitive 
Science. The program is offered in English over four semesters and leads 
to the Master degree in Cognitive Science. Students choose between two 
tracks: Cognitive Neuroscience and Language and Multimodal Interaction. 
Each track offers a selection of specialized courses, to allow students 
to tailor training to their academic interests.

The two-year Master's course combines a solid foundation in scientific 
and cognitive methods - modules  in mathematics,  language science, 
neuroscience, and psychology, including  an introduction to advanced 
methods such as eye tracking, EEG, and fMRI - with an extensive training 
in computational methods for the statistical analysis of large amounts 
of language and perceptual data, and in interface design.  Theoretical 
knowledge will be supplemented by the experience acquired in substantial 
practical projects carried out in research and industry labs.

Two characteristic features  of this program are:  a close relationship 
between teaching and research practices, and a constant interplay 
between biologically-based and technological-based explorations of the 
human mind and brain.

During the first year of the master’s course, students focus on 
understanding methodological and theoretical bases of scientific 
research. During the second year, students have the opportunity to gain 
hands-on experience with advanced research tools and methods within the 
frame of real research projects.

The Language and Multimodal Interaction track provides students with the 
interdisciplinary training necessary to operate in this area, whether in 
an academic environment or in an industrial setting. The track in 
particular has a strong interdisciplinary focus, enabled by the strict 
collaboration between computational linguists, computer vision experts 
and cognitive neuroscientists.

For more information, please visit:



Ideal applicants are highly motivated individuals holding a Bachelor’s 
degree from an accredited university, and fluent in the English language 
(certificate of proficiency preferred).

Students will be selected based on their academic achievement, strength 
of their intellectual and working ability, motivation and interest in 
the field, and recommendation letters.

We are open to candidates from any academic background.

Deadline for EU and non-EU applicants: 29 March 2013

DEADLINE EXTENSION for EU applicants only: 12 July 2013

Start-date of the next cycle: September 2013

For further information please contact by email: MCS AT unitn DOT it 
(use "@" in place of "AT" and "." in place of "DOT")

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