Johannes Hellrich johannes.hellrich at uni-jena.de
Sat Mar 9 14:07:36 CET 2013

CLEF-ER 2013: Named Entity Recognition (NER) in parallel multilingual
biomedical corpora (aiming for terminology translation)

Multilingual identification of mentions of named entities (attribution
of CUIs) in corpora, where each corpus is either in English, French,
German, Spanish, and Dutch.  Currently patent texts, titles of Medline
abstracts and EMEA documents serve as parallel corpora.   The mention
annotations will be evaluated as part of the challenge and, in
addition, the mention annotations will be analysed to contribute to an
augmented biomedical terminological resource.

Participants produce mention annotations in a multilingual document
where the annotations make explicit reference to entities, which are
specified through a Concept Unique Identifier (CUI, from the UMLS).
Challenge participants should at least contribute one non-English
annotated corpus and have to register at the submission site

A number of resources are available too:
(1) a terminological resource (TR) containing English and non-English
concepts in combination with their CUIs,
(2) a selection of corpora in English, where the entity mentions have
been annotated automatically with their CUIs, and
(3) a selection of corpora in different languages other than English
(i.e., de, fr, sp, nl) that have to be annotated with entity mentions
and their CUIs.

Each non-English corpus has a parallel English corpus. Not all
languages (de, fr, sp, nl) are available for each corpus.  Parallel
corpora offer the opportunity to use machine-translation or bi-lingual
term identification methods.
The results will be presented on the CLEF-ER workshop, which is part
of the CLEF 2013 Conference, 23-26 September in Valencia, Spain. The
challenge is sponsored by the EU project “Mantra”. For more details on
the task please visit http://www.clefer.org/ or send an email to
challenge at clefer.org

February-5-2013: corpora available
April-30-2013: submission system for runs closes
May-31-2013: preliminary evaluation results released
September-23-2013: CLEF 2013 conference starts (26.09.2013: CLEF 2013
conference ends)

Dr. Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dr. Fabio Rinaldi, Dr. Simon
Clematide, Institute of Computational Linguistics, Universität Zürich
Prof. Dr. Udo Hahn, Johannes Hellrich, JULIE Laboratory, Universität Jena (D)
Dr. Jan Kors, Dr. Erik van Mulligen, Erasmus University Medical
Center, Rotterdam (Nl)
Dr. David Milward, Dr. Ian Lewin, Linguamatics Ltd, Cambridge (UK)
Dr. Philip Daumke, Michael Poprat, Averbis GmbH, Freiburg (D)

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