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Abu-MaTran: automatic building of machine translation
Marie Curie IAPP project FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP
24-month recruitment of a postdoctoral researcher


Prompsit[1] is a research-shaped company created in 2006 inside the 
Transducens[2] research group at the Department of Software and 
Computing Systems[3] (Universitat d'Alacant - Spain). It's a leading 
company in the development of machine translation, specially 
linguistically-motivated systems such as Apertium[4] rule-based systems 
or linguistically-augmented Moses[5] statistical systems. The company 
activity in R&D is intense both as an industry-driven activity or by 
participation in public national and international R&D programs.

Abu-MaTran[6] (Automatic Building of Machine Translation) is an 
IAPP-FP7[7] project in which the company is currently involved. The 
project aims at increasing the hitherto low industrial adoption of 
machine translation by identifying crucial cutting-edge research 
techniques (automatic acquisition of corpora and linguistic resources, 
pivot techniques, linguistically augmented statistical translation and 
diagnostic evaluation) and preparing them to be suitable for commercial 

Besides Prompsit as a central node of interaction, the project involves 
four top research institutions (Dublin City University[8] - project 
coordinator, Universitat d'Alacant[9], University of Zagreb[10] and 
Institute for Language and Speech Processing[11]). At Prompsit, the 
project will be led by researcher Sergio Ortiz Rojas, responsible for 
most of the code of the Apertium MT platform, Prompsit's 
linguistically-augmented Moses system, a modular version of the 
Bitextor[12] parallel text collector and other natural language 
processing tools for information extraction or opinion analysis.

The position involves research, development and participation in 
outreach activities to achieve the goals of the Abu-MaTran project as 
well as collaboration with all researchers in the project.

Job Description

Main Duties and Responsibilities

* Investigate, in collaboration with the partners, better techniques to 
- monolingual and bilingual general and domain-focused corpora acquisition
- monolingual and bilingual terminology extraction
- automatic induction of transfer rules
- building of pivot or linguistically-augmented machine translation systems
- machine translation automatic evaluation
* Implement the techniques for each of the previous points
* Carry out experiments to evaluate their performance.
* Release the output as free/open-source tools with appropriate 
interfaces to use them.
* Write the appropriate documentation for each of the work lines: 
technical documentation for developers, academic-oriented (papers, 
posters, etc.) publications, and tutorials or manuals for developers.
* Attend project-related conferences and meetings
* Present the results at relevant conferences and scientific meetings
* Review work plan with the collaborators according to project 
intermediate milestones and results.
* Get involved and give support to outreach activities (linguistic 
olympiads[13], FreeRBMT workshop[14])

Person Specification

Applicants should provide evidence in their applications that they meet 
the following criteria.

The staff in charge of this recruitment process, will use a range of 
selection methods to measure candidates' abilities in these areas 
including reviewing your application, seeking references, inviting 
shortlisted candidates to be interviewed, and other forms of assessment 
action relevant to the post.


Qualifications (compulsory): PhD in Computer Science (or at least 4 
years of full-time research experience) and less than 10 years of 
full-time research experience.

International procedure (compulsory): the candidate cannot have worked 
or lived for more than 12 months within the last 3 years in Spain.
Experience in:

* Natural language processing, particularly in machine translation 
* User-level or developer-level experience in Apertium, Moses, 
OpenMaTrEx[15], Bitextor, FBC and FMC[16], ccLexExtractor[17] and 
DELiC4MT[18] (desirable)
* Data acquisition (desirable)
* Terminology extraction (desirable)
* Machine learning (desirable)
* MT evaluation (desirable)
* Creation of user interfaces and software releasing/sharing (desirable)

Programming languages: C++, Python, PHP (compulsory). JAVA (desirable).

Multilingual skills: Good level of English (compulsory). Basic knowledge 
of Spanish or Catalan (desirable). Knowledge of the South Slavic 
Languages targeted in the project use case -- Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian 
or Montenegrin and Slovenian (desirable).

Good writing and communication skills: ability to intercommunicate with 
people and to communicate results, ideas, etc. (compulsory).

Collaborative working skills: ability to take and delegate 
responsibilities (compulsory).
Experience in free/open-source software development: participation in 
free/open-source software development projects as user or, better, as 
contributor (desirable).

Experience in transfer of knowledge between the industry and the 
academy: interaction between industry and academy in previous positions 
is highly valued (desirable).

Creativity and flexibility skills: ability to be open to different ideas 
or opinions, to analyse and solve problems and to make decisions 

Active research skills: ability to follow state-of-the-art research 
lines associated with the project, to learn and acquire new skills 
relevant to the project, to write scientific works, and to meet 
deadlines (desirable).

Further Information

This post is fixed-term and full-time at Prompsit (Elx/Elche, Spain). 
The starting date is January 2014 and duration is 24 months. Splits are 
not possible.

Terms and conditions of employment:

Terms and conditions will be according to the stipulations of the IAPP 
program. The recruited candidate will have a full-time contract with 
full social security coverage subject to the Spanish laws and taxes.


For an Experience Researcher with less than 10 year experience the 
stipulated salary will be a €57,154 per year gross salary corresponding 
to living allowance and additionally €683/€977 per month for mobility 
allowance (depending on family charges).

Closing date:1st June 2013.

Informal enquiries:

For informal enquiries about this job contact us at info at prompsit.com.

[1] http://www.prompsit.com

[2] http://transducens.dlsi.ua.es/

[3] http://www.dlsi.ua.es/

[4] http://apertium.org

[5] http://www.statmt.org/moses/

[6] http://www.abumatran.eu/, more info at 


[8] http://www.dcu.ie

[9] http://www.ua.es

[10] http://www.unizg.hr/homepage/

[11] http://www.ilsp.gr/

[12] http://bitextor.sourceforge.net/ (see prompsit branch in source code)

[13] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Linguistics_Olympiad

[14] http://www.chalmers.se/hosted/freerbmt12-en

[15] http://www.openmatrex.org/

[16] http://nlp.ilsp.gr/soaplab2-axis/

[17] http://www.nljubesic.net/resources/tools/cclexex/

[18] http://www.computing.dcu.ie/~atoral/delic4mt/

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