[Elsnet-list] Job Opening: Senior Research Officer in Human Language Technology/Computational Linguistics at the University of Essex

Kruschwitz, Udo udo at essex.ac.uk
Sat Nov 30 22:12:24 CET 2013

A Senior Research Officer position in Human Language Technology is
available in the Language and Computation Group at the University of
Essex, School of Computer Science and Engineering.

The position is supported by the SENSEI research project, supported by
the European Commission as part of FP7. SENSEI is a multi-site,
multi-disciplinary project involving researchers in language
processing and journalism and industrial partners in the call centre,
social media monitoring and news media businesses, taking advantage of
automatically extracted semantic and discourse information. The
project aims to develop novel methods to extract, summarize/aggregate
and present information from very large volumes of conversational
data, specifically, transcriptions of call centre conversations and
reader comment in on-line news.

Essex's primary responsibilities in the project will be in the area of
multilingual coreference resolution, entity disambiguation, and
summarization. We are therefore looking for candidates with a a strong
background in human language technology (HLT)/computational
linguistics (CL) and in-depth knowledge of machine learning techniques
as used in HLT/CL. Strong programming skills in Java are also
essential. Experience with some or all of the following specific
sub-areas in HLT/CL is highly desirable: coreference resolution and
entity disambiguation, information extraction/text mining and
summarisation. Experience with creating annotated corpora is also
desirable. The successful candidate will have a strong
publication track records, commensurate with their level of
experience, and experience with multi-site collaborative projects.

The Language and Computation Group at the University of Essex:


is one of the best known HLT/CL teams in the UK, with an international
reputation in information extraction (in particular coreference and
entity disambiguation), information retrieval, summarization, and
multilingual HLT.  The University is located in a beautiful area of
the country, with easy access to London and to the rest of Europe
through Stansted airport.

The position will be for a minimum of 30 months, starting from as soon
as possible from January 1st, 2014. The salary will be in the range
£30,000 - £33,000 per annum depending on experience.

To apply, please go online at:


and then search for Job Reference RE165. Please note that the deadline
for application is pretty soon, on

                      December 15th.

For further information, please contact Massimo Poesio
(poesio at essex.ac.uk).

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