[Elsnet-list] Vacancy for a post-doc in the project CHASING

Helmer w.strik at let.ru.nl
Tue Nov 19 18:41:39 CET 2013

Dear Madam, Sir,

Could you please place this advertisement on the website(s).

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Helmer Strik

Vacancy for a post-doc in the project CHASING :
CHAllenging Speech training In Neurological patients by interactive Gaming

see http://hstrik.ruhosting.nl/chasing/
and http://hstrik.ruhosting.nl/chasing-post-doc-vacancy/

* Requirements
- you have a PhD in Computational or Applied Linguistics, Computer 
Science, Artificial Intelligence, Informatics, Cognitive Science, or 
- you are an experienced experimental researcher;
- you have a demonstrable ability to work in a team;
- you have programming skills- (e.g. Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, 
- you have an interest in e-Health, especially gaming and speech 
technology for speech training;
- you have a good command of the English language. Knowledge of Dutch is 
considered an advantage;
- you have good communication skills.

* Job description
As a postdoctoral researcher you will take part in the research project 
CHASING: 'CHAllenging Speech training In Neurological patients through 
Interactive Gaming'.
Current results indicate the need to develop advanced, motivating 
training devices that provide guidance on articulation improvement and 
support the integrated benefits of intensified, independent speech 
training. Since serious games are known to have strong motivational 
power, the CHASING project aims to investigate to what extent serious 
games and game principles motivate and support neurological patients in 
speech training.
To this end, an interactive, intuitive, user adaptive game for speech 
training which employs advanced speech technology will be developed and 
Your work will mainly address research question 1: How can speech 
technology and gaming be combined in an advanced, robust application for 
speech therapy that provides the necessary feedback?
You will be involved in developing dedicated speech technology, 
especially 'automatic speech recognition' (ASR) technology, integrating 
it into the game and in designing the game. You will carry out 
experiments with neurological patients, to study the effects of the game 
and how the game (incl. the speech technology) can be improved.

* Contact persons
   + Helmer Strik
     w.strik at let.ru.nl
     +31 24 3616104
   + Lilian Beijer
     L.beijer at maartenskliniek.nl
     +31 24 3659718 / 3659140

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