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By Udo Kruschwitz

"New year, new direction?" asks Tony in his opening piece. Are we going to go back to print editions of Informer? Will we establish a new conference series on Enterprise Search? Are we going to extend our activities to the Outer Hebrides? Well, the short answer is that itís up to you. We want to hear from the membership of the IRSG what we should or shouldnít focus on in future. Get in touch and we will see what we can do. Welcome to the Winter 2014 edition of Informer!

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Feature Article: New year, new direction?
By Tony Russell-Rose

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on the role and impact of groups such as ours, and ask the question "why are we here?" For many of us on the IRSG committee, the answer is simple: to promote the dissemination of IR knowledge and best practice in all its forms, and to create connections between communities so that research results are visible to practitioners and challenges faced by practitioners are visible to researchers.  But are we delivering on this objective? Do our activities and outputs truly reflect the interests of our members? And how far should we go in understanding those interests?

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Conference Preview: Enterprise Search Europe 2014
By Katherine Allen 

The 4th Enterprise Search Europe conference will take place in London on 29-30 May 2014, chaired by Martin White of Intranet Focus. BCS-IRSG Members can benefit from 20% discount on delegate places.

"In developing the programme, our priority is always for delegates to learn from the successes and challenges faced by other search managers," explains Martin White. "What really stands out about this yearís Enterprise Search Europe conference is the number of case studies. Delivered almost entirely by practicing search managers, and not vendors, they cover a wide range of business environments, demonstrating common search opportunities and challenges."

::: Read more at: http://irsg.bcs.org/informer/2014/01/enterprise-search-europe-2014-%e2%80%93-conference-preview/

Feature Article: Information Wayfinding, Part 3: Designing for Wayfinding
By Tyler Tate

How can we make ever-growing volumes of information accessible and useful to people without overwhelming them?

That is the question I want to consider in this third and final instalment on information wayfinding. In Part 1, I argued that we must move beyond thinking of information interaction as a book of pages, and instead think in terms of a spatial environment. In Part 2, we compared information interaction to the process of finding oneís way through a city, and then defined three elements of the information environment: districts, layers, and nodes.

Building upon this foundation, I would first like to consider how people move through information environments. Weíll then be equipped to outline a new set of guidelines for building websites and applications that enable people to make sense of ever-growing volumes of information without overwhelming them. In particular, weíll look at integrating search and browse into a single, seamless experience.

::: Read more at: http://irsg.bcs.org/informer/2014/01/information-wayfinding-part-3-designing-for-wayfinding/

A roundup of Stefan Rueger's Multimedia IR Tutorials
By Udo Kruschwitz

The tutorial on Multimedia Information Retrieval at Search Solutions 2013 held at BCS's headquarters in London was the last in a series of tutorials by Professor Stefan Rueger from the The Open Universityís Knowledge Media Institute.

::: Read more at: http://irsg.bcs.org/informer/2014/01/a-roundup-of-stefan-ruegers-multimedia-ir-tutorials/

Conference Review: Search Solutions 2013
By Silviu Paun

The Search Solutions Conference which took place on 27 November 2013 promoted quality and diversity in the selection of speakers and topics ñ this quality driven choice of heterogenic elements was morphed into a homogeneous programme covering aspects from user-oriented search to enterprise-related search.

::: Read more at: http://irsg.bcs.org/informer/2014/01/conference-review-search-solutions-2013/

Events Diary
By Andy Macfarlane 

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If you are an expert in information retrieval or any aspect of search who has strong writing skills, we invite you to contribute to Informer. Please send an article proposal to us at: irsg at bcs.org.

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The IRSG is a Specialist Group of BCS. Its mission is to provide a focus for the European IR community, facilitate communication between researchers and practitioners and promote the adoption of IR research within industry. We host a major European conference (ECIR) and provide an associated programme of workshops, seminars and events. The IRSG is free to join via the BCS website, which provides access to further IR articles, events and resources.

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