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Fabio Ciravegna f.ciravegna at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Feb 11 14:58:29 CET 2014

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The Department of Computer Science of The University of Sheffield (OAK Group) has a position for ResearchAssistant/ Associate in Event Detection and Prediction for Decision Support in Social Media. The position is supported by the externally funded EPPICS research project, supported by the European Commission as part of FP7. EPPICS is a multi-site, multi-disciplinary project involving researchers and industrial partners in big data analysis, web technologies, event and emergency management. The project aims to support decision makers such as City Councils in managing planned (i.e. city-wide music festivals) and unplanned events (i.e. large emergencies like floods) by gathering and processing large-scale information from physical and social sensors and enabling decision making in real-time.

In the project, we have specific responsibilities for work on the development of methods for large scale processing of social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and physical sensor input (e.g. traffic sensors), techniques for semantic enrichment of messages and the automated identification and prediction of both events and their potential evolution. Moreover, we will work on methodologies and technologies for data filtering, contextual exploration and prediction.  Sheffield is also coordinating the UK case study on event management based in the City of Bristol.

The role will require the post holder to undertake research, development, experimental design and data collection relating to methods for large-scale processing of social media and sensor input, as well as techniques for semantic enrichment of high volumes of messages.

The post is fixed-term for 25 months, in the first instance.  

Closing date: 5 March 2014
Start date: as soon as possible and no later than August 2014. 

For further information see http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AIC839/research-asstant-associate-in-event-detection-and-prediction-for-decision-support-in-social-media/
For informal requirements please contact Prof Fabio Ciravegna (f.ciravegna at shef.ac.uk) AND Dr Vita Lanfranchi (v.lanfranchi at shef.ac.uk)
Some hints on how to present your case can be found at http://staffwww.dcs.shef.ac.uk/people/F.Ciravegna/Fabio_Ciravegna/Emailing.html (look for "If you are submitting for an open position/studentship"). 

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