[Elsnet-list] Interspeech 2014 special session on "Phase Importance in Speech Processing Applications" CALL FOR PAPERS

Rahim Saeidi rahim at cs.joensuu.fi
Fri Feb 21 14:23:39 CET 2014

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Dear colleague,

We invite you to participate in the INTERSPEECH 2014 Special Session
on "Phase Importance in Speech Processing Applications" which will be
held in Singapore (see abstract and details below).

Call for INTERSPEECH 2014 Special session on
"Phase Importance in Speech Processing Applications"

In the past decades, the amplitude of speech spectrum is considered to
be the most important feature in different speech processing
applications and phase of the speech signal has received less
attention. Recently, several findings justify the phase importance in
speech and audio processing communities. The importance of phase
estimation along with amplitude estimation in speech enhancement,
complementary phase-based features in speech and speaker recognition
and phase-aware acoustic modeling of environment are the most
prominent reported works scattered in different communities of speech
and audio processing. These examples suggest that incorporating the
phase information can push the limits of state-of-the-art
phase-independent solutions employed for long in different aspects of
audio and speech signal processing.

The goal of the special session is to

* explore the recent advances and methodologies to exploit the
knowledge of signal phase information in different aspects of speech
* unify the previous efforts to better understand the pros and cons of
using phase and the degree of feasibility for phase
estimation/enhancement in different areas of speech processing
including: speech enhancement, speech separation, speech quality
estimation, speech and speaker recognition, voice transformation and
speech analysis and synthesis.es are ungrammatical (too many to
mention them) - please
* promote the "phase-aware speech and audio signal processing" to form
a community of researchers to organize the next steps to share the
interesting findings from different speech processing applications.

Paper submissions are invited on the theme of
* Phase importance in speech analysis/synthesis
* Phase importance in automatic speech recognition
* Phase importance in speech enhancement
* Phase importance in source separation
* Phase importance in audio and music signal processing
* Phase-sensitive model of the acoustic environment
* Audibility of phase distortion
* Phase sensitive speech quality metrics

The session organizers wish to encourage submissions that bring
insight and understanding to the issues highlighted above. The session
will consist of oral and poster presentations. A discussion will take
place based on a summary of the contributions and the results on the
newly released test sets. Papers should be submitted according to the
INTERSPEECH 2014 procedures via the INTERSPEECH website. Please do not
hesitate to contact us for any questions about this initiative.

Important dates
* Submission deadline: 24 March 2014
* Notification of acceptance: 10 June 2014
* Camera-ready submission: 20 June 2014
* Event: 18-20 September 2014

Best Regards
Organization committee:
Pejman Mowlaee, Graz University of Technology, pejman.mowlaee [at]tugraz.at
Rahim Saeidi, University of Eastern Finland, rahim.saeidi [at]uef.fi
Yannis Styilianou, Toshiba Labs Cambridge UK / University of Crete,
yannis [at]csd.uoc.gr

Rahim Saeidi
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Eastern Finland
rahim.saeidi at uef.fi

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