[Elsnet-list] PhD Fellowship: Emotion modeling during expressive audiovisual speech

Slim Ouni Slim.Ouni at loria.fr
Fri Feb 28 13:23:36 CET 2014

Position type: PhD Student - INRIA - Nancy, France

Title: Emotion modeling during expressive audiovisual speech

The goal of this thesis is to study the expressivity from articulatory and visual points of view. The articulatory and facial gestures will be characterized for the different sounds of speech (called phonemes) in the different expressive contexts. The goal is to determine how facial expressions interact with speech gesture (lips, tongue, face and acoustics), and how this is embedded within the phoneme articulation and their acoustic consequences. The quantification of the intensity of an expression during a given phoneme (or sequence of phonemes) articulation needs to be determined. One important objective of this work is to develop an expressive control model, which describes the interaction of the facial expressions with audiovisual speech.

To achieve these goals, two corpora will be acquired using electromagnetography (EMA) and motion capture techniques synchronously with acoustics. The EMA is the technique that uses electromagnetic sensors, glued on the tongue, teeth, lips and eventually the face, that represent 3D positions, and two angle orientations. We will use a marker-less motion capture that allows retrieving the dynamics of the face due to speech and expressivity. The corpora will cover sentences pronounced in several emotional contexts. These corpora provide the articulatory trajectories of the tongue and the lips in addition to the acoustic signal. The acquired data will be processed and analyzed, and the control model will be developed based on the results of this analysis.

For full description and to apply, please visit this website:

The applications will be considered as soon as received.

Slim Ouni
University of Lorraine
Parole - Inria Nancy -Grand Est

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