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The Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab (UKP Lab) offers several
exciting internship opportunities in cutting-edge research projects as

Research Intern in Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Text Mining /
Digital Humanities

located either at the Computer Science Department of the Technische
Universität Darmstadt or at the Information Center for Education at DIPF
in Frankfurt (Germany)

The positions are situated within one of the Lab’s projects dealing with
automatic text processing, linguistic and machine learning based methods
of language analysis, corpus development for novel tasks, or tool
support for users in NLP research and humanities. The Lab’s approach to
NLP features the hybrid methods in large-scale language processing,
real-world text mining, and hands-on skills in the rapid development of
scalable systems with practical relevance.

Requirements: We are looking for internship students to work on one of
the following areas: computational linguistics, text mining, or machine
learning, with substantial theoretical knowledge, excellent
problem-solving and programming (Java) skills for language processing,
eagerness to apply the knowledge and skills in new contexts, and
interest to participate in the Lab’s internationally competitive
research. The ability to work independently, personal commitment,
teamwork and communication skills, and a readiness to cooperate are
required. The ability to speak German as well as previous experience in
NLP, text-mining, or digital humanities are beneficial, but is not a job

We welcome applications of students at all levels of study (bachelor,
master) as well as graduate-level applications. The position is ideally
suited to acquire research experience abroad (also as required by the
ongoing study program of an applicant), or qualify as a Master-,
PhD-student, or a research associate at one of the leading universities,
and for a competitive industry position.

The position is a fixed-term internship contract (6 months) with an
option to extend it up to 1 year, provided certain conditions are met. A
part-time working arrangement is possible. The internships are funded
according to the level of qualification, previous experience, and formal

The Computer Science Department of the Technische Universität Darmstadt
is regularly ranked among the best in Germany. The Ubiquitous Knowledge
Processing Lab (UKP Lab) in Darmstadt/Frankfurt
(www.ukp.tu-darmstadt.de) led by Professor Iryna Gurevych offers an
excellent research environment. The distinguishing features of its
research are novel linked lexical semantic resources, algorithms for
semantic language analysis (for example, word sense disambiguation, or
semantic role labeling), and text-mining (for example, topic
recognition, or opinion analysis). The ongoing research projects closely
cooperate with users of the developed technologies in humanities, e.g.
in educational research, text interpretation in philosophy, corpus
linguistics, or history sciences. Within the graduate program “Knowledge
Discovery in Scientific Literature” (http://www.kdsl.tu-darmstadt.de/),
the UKP Lab is networked with multiple groups in machine learning,
statistical NLP and information management.

Applications (including CV, details of previous academic work, at least
two educational and professional references, and final thesis in
electronic form) should be submitted to gurevych (at) cs (dot)
tu-darmstadt (dot) de.
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