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The Idiap research institute is coordinating two major European projects in Biometrics: TABULA RASA ( http://www.tabularasa-euproject.org ) and BEAT ( http://www.beat-eu.org ).
In the context of these projects, the biometrics group at Idiap (http://www.idiap.ch/~marcel/professional/Research_Team.html ) is well-known for his work on biometrics but also on spoofing/anti-spoofing
( http://www.idiap.ch/~marcel/professional/Publications.html ).

Spoofing is the action of outwitting a biometric sensor by presenting a counterfeit biometric evidence of a valid user. It is a direct attack to the sensory input of a biometric system and the attacker does not need previous knowledge about the recognition algorithm. Most of the biometric modalities are not resistant to spoofing attacks: the biometric systems are usually designed to only recognize identities without concern whether the identity is live or not. Despite the existence of very sophisticated biometric systems nowadays, implementing anti-spoofing schemes for them is still in its infancy.

Idiap has explored already spoofing to visual spectra face recognition using printed photos, displayed photos/videos and 3D masks, and developed anti-spoofing methods. In the context of a new funded project, Idiap is looking to explore spoofing to vascular biometrics.

The successful candidate will be possibly working on the following topics in vascular biometrics: mobile vascular recognition, spoofing and anti-spoofing.
The research will rely on previous knowledge and software developed at Idiap and in the biometrics team (http://www.idiap.ch/~marcel/professional/Research_Team.html ).

The postdoctoral researcher will report to Dr Sébastien Marcel (http://www.idiap.ch/~marcel ), his/her responsibilities will include:
1. Research in the framework of project(s)
• Carry out research as stated in the assigned project(s), follow evolution of project
• Fulfill project-related assignments (evaluations, deliverables, ..) as requested
• Publish results (Favour journal papers and good conferences, Favour joint publications with other IDIAP staff and/or project partners)
• If required, participate in project meetings and boards
• When appropriate, assume leading role as IDIAP contact point or work package leader
2. Supervision of students: Help supervise PhD students and interns in collaboration with supervisors
3. Participate in various IDIAP activities and projects as requested by supervisor(s) or IDIAP management

The postdoctoral researcher should have a strong background in statistics or applied mathematics, optimization, linear algebra, signal processing or computer vision, and machine learning.
Experience in one or several of the following areas is required: vascular biometrics, face recognition (2D or NIR) and statistical models.
The applicant should also have strong programming skills and be familiar with C/C++, various scripting languages (in particular Python) and with the Linux environment. MATLAB is not a plus.
Any applicant will undergo a series of tests including technical reading and writing in English and programming.

The starting date is immediate. The appointment is for 12 months with a possible extension.
Salary is competitive.

Apply online at:

More information at:

Dr Sebastien MARCEL
Senior Research Scientist
Idiap research institute
Phone: +41 27 721 77 27
Fax: +41 27 721 77 12
Email: marcel at idiap.ch
Skype: sebastien.marcel
Web: http://www.idiap.ch/~marcel
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienmarcel

BEAT FP7 Project Coordinator

TABULA RASA FP7 Project Coordinator

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