[Elsnet-list] Audio Research Internship Positions Available at Beats Labs, Santa Monica, CA

Daniele Giacobello giacobello at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 01:17:53 CET 2014

Beats Electronics is currently recruiting summer interns in the DSP
Research Team in Santa Monica, California. Our group is involved mostly in
the following R&D areas:

- speech enhancement (microphone arrays, noise reduction, echo cancellation)

- spatial audio reproduction (loudspeaker arrays, virtual acoustic
simulation, headphone surround sound)

- audio and speech classification (automatic speech recognition, source
separation, CASA)

- loudspeaker measurement and correction (nonlinear system identification,
loudspeaker modeling and enhancement)

- biometric signal processing (using acoustic and non-acoustic sensors)

The team works within Beats Labs, a group of engineers dedicated to
creating innovative new technologies that can transform the audio
experience in our speakers, headphones, and partner products in mobile,
automotive, and PC.  We are looking for Ph.D. students with a strong
background in audio and speech processing to join us from May to August
this summer.  This is a unique opportunity to work closely with engineers
in every stage of the product development lifecycle at a high profile audio
brand.  Past internships have led to patents, publications, and full time
offers of employment.  Please send applications to Daniele Giacobello
daniele.giacobello at beatsbydre.com or Josh Atkins josh at beatsbydre.com with a
CV and cover letter.


Daniele Giacobello
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