[Elsnet-list] Top student interested in working within the ESSENCE project—FELLOW 4

Fausto Giunchiglia fausto at disi.unitn.it
Tue Jan 28 16:19:50 CET 2014

We are looking for a top student interested in
working within the ESSENCE project—FELLOW 4
The research will be conducted under the supervision
of Fausto Giunchiglia (http://disi.unitn.it/~fausto/) in the
KnowDive Group (http://disi.unitn.it/~knowdive/), a
large, multicultural and multi-disciplinary group which is
part of the Department of Information Engineering and
Computer Science (http://disi.unitn.it/), University of
Trento (http://www.unitn.it/).

Keywords: Entity-centric knowledge representation,
semantic repositories, domain knowledge construction,
collaborative platforms, user interface and experience
design, crowdsourcing.

Essential skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:
• very good spoken and written English with strong
writing skills, good teamwork abilities;
• experience with knowledge engineering methodologies,
knowledge construction and maintenance,
user profiling, reputation, incentive mechanisms and
negotiation techniques;
• experience in the design and development of a
collaborative platform, including the architecture and
the user interface;
• strong experience in software design and development,
beyond the academic curriculum.
Desirable skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:
• knowledge resources (linguistic resources, thesauri,
• semantic matching and meaning negotiation techniques;
• linked and open data;
• user interface and experience design;
• crowdsourcing techniques;
• API performance evaluation and optimization;
• technical writing (API documentation);
• developer community management.

The ideal candidate is a top student interested in
pursuing a PhD degree, with top performance in a field
related to the areas mentioned above. (S)he should be
proactive, self-motivated, able to work independently
and in a team, and capable of work with a small group
of programmers and PhD fellows of top universities and

The main activities and project responsibilities of
the successful candidate will concern the development
of a collaborative platform for domain knowledge
• develop a collaborative distributed framework to
support experts in the massive construction and
maintenance of domain knowledge while
distinguishing between natural and formal language;
• design and evaluate methods for collecting natural
language terms in multiple languages and for
disambiguating their meaning using various
• design and evaluate methods for identifying the
main concepts in a domain—in terms of classes,
attributes and relations between them—and by
arranging them into hierarchies in order to make
explicit the semantic relations between them.

The candidate will concentrate on the development of
the collaborative platform for domain knowledge
construction and maintenance. The successful
candidate will be expected to design and evaluate
scientific insights about appropriate user profiling,
reputation and incentive mechanisms and will produce
top-level research and publish it in the major relevant
venues. (S)he will be expected to design quantitative
evaluation results obtained with the platform in realworld
domain-specific test case scenarios.

(S)he will support the project coordinator in the overall
project management activities. These activities will
include, among others: managing the team’s work and
that of collaborators; producing project deliverables;
and managing contacts and collaborations with the
project partners.

Financial Provisions:
Monthly living allowance: gross amount Euro
34.189,74 per year (cost for the administration—social
charges and taxes included Euro 40.508,00 per year).
Monthly mobility allowance of 700-1000 Euro:
depending on the family situation of the researcher (it is
a flat rate allowance to cover expenses linked to the
personal household). The ‘host institution’ will apply to
the mobility allowance the same taxation principles as
on remuneration.

Coverage of the expenses related to the participation
of the ESR in research and training activities
(contribution to research-related costs, meetings,
conference attendance, training actions, etc.)
Duration of contract: 36 months, starting on
September 01, 2014.

Eligibility constraint to apply to the call, the following
requirements are mandatory:
• four- or five-year degree in Computer Science either
awarded by an Italian university or a title obtained
abroad that has been recognised as equivalent to
the mentioned Italian degree;
• a professional-scientific CV relevant to the research
• at least two recommendation letters;
• written and oral knowledge of the English language
(professional level);
• the student must not have resided or carried out
his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the
country of his/her host organization (Italy) for
more than 12 months during the 3 years
immediately prior to his/her recruitment.

Mobility constraint:
• a period of 4 months at the Agencia Estatal Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)—
Barcelona, Spain;
• a period of 6 months at the Ingegneria Informatica
SpA (ENG)—Italy.

How to apply:
please fill in the pre-application at:

About Trento:
Trento (http://www.apt.trento.it/) is a
small vibrant city (around 100K people) with a
beautifully preserved historic centre, situated in the
middle of the Dolomites. It is consistently ranked at the
top in Italy for quality of life. Thanks to its fortunate
location, Trento offers a wide variety of cultural and
sports opportunities all year around, as well as
excellent food and wine.

Further information:
Fausto Giunchiglia, fausto at disi.unitn.it

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