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--- September 14-18, 2014
--- http://www.interspeech2014.org

INTERSPEECH 2014 Organizing Committee is glad to announce that
5 travel grants will be offered by INTESPEECH 2014 sponsors and
that ISCA will offer 55 grants for students and young scientists
and give 3 ISCA Best Student Paper Awards.
Modalities and details about the grants and Best Paper Awards
are given below.

-- ISCA Grants

General Information

     ISCA will offer grants to students and young scientists (age<35)
     in order to help them attend the conference. Each grant, equivalent
     to 650 Euros, will be disbursed in cash at the registration desk
     during the conference.

     All grant recipients are strongly encouraged to participate
     in the Student Volunteer Program with a workload of one day
     or 3 sessions for the entire conference. For details - please
     refer to the Student Volunteer Program page.


     The grants for participation in INTERSPEECH 2014 will be
     administered by the ISCA Board and awarded, according to the
     available budget, to applicants who provide the information
     listed below:

         * Letter of acceptance of a paper to be presented.
         * Mentioning of other funding being requested,
           awarded or rejected by other sources
         * Sworn statement that the applicant never received any
           previous grants from ISCA.
     Note that preference is given to applicants from areas
     needing greater support.

     The purpose of these grants is to guarantee a representation
     of the diverse scientific topics of the conference and a cross-
     section of the international speech community as wide as possible.
     Exceptionally, researchers in special situations like unemployment
     or coming from low income-level countries could also apply.
     Applicants from all countries are eligible.

Application Process

     Applicants should complete the application form with
     additional documents:

         1) Curriculum Vitae with academic records
         2) Complete list of previous publications
            (title, year, co-authors journal/book/proceedings, pages).
         3) List of the conferences and workshops previously attended.
         4) Letter of acceptance of the paper(s) from the conference 
         5) Copy of the original manuscript(s) accepted to the conference
         6) Recommendation letter (email is acceptable)
            from the Director of your Laboratory

     Application form can be downloaded from


     Please submit the application package by sending an email with
     subject heading “ISCA Grants for INTERSPEECH 2014” to the grants
     coordinator Prof. Alan Black:

         grants at isca-speech.org

     before 17 June 2014. Prof. Alan Black will send notification letter
     to all applicants.For more information of grant application,
     please refer to


     As there is a limited period for application,
     interested applicants are encouraged to start preparing the
     required documents if s/he would like to consider this source
     of support to attend INTERSPEECH 2014.

*                         Important Dates                              *
Grant application start after acceptance notification:     June 10, 2014
Grant application deadline:                                June 17, 2014
Notification of grant acceptance:                          June 24, 2014
Early Registration:                                        July 10, 2014

Registration Procedure

     All grant recipients must be ISCA members to receive the grants.
     All grant recipients will be given free registration to the
     INTERSPEECH main conference that includes the technical program,
     reception, and banquet, but excludes other options (such as
     tutorials). Grant recipients please inform the organizer your
     Registration ID, which you can obtain from the online registration
     system, before you make payment (if any) so that the organizer can
     waive your registration fee by changing your account setting.

     All grants will be disbursed onsite, during the conference.
     Please see Dr Tong Rong with the notification letter and paper ID
     at the registration desk, to collect your money.

     All grant recipients are required to register online to the system
     to confirm the attendance, to make purchases beyond the free
     package. As all accounts have to be settled immediately, the
     organizers will not entertain any request to transfer, ship or send
     money after the conference ends.

     ISCA Board will make the selection and provide the list of grant
     recipients to INTERSPEECH 2014 organizing committee. The committee
     will inform you the registration procedure. Please contact

         registration at interspeech2014.org,

     if you have any inquiry. Please note that grant recipients need to
     complete the registration by 10 Jul 2014. Late registration fees
     apply if this early registration deadline is not met.

-- INTERSPEECH 2014 Student Travel Grants

     INTERSPEECH 2014 would like to express sincere gratitude to Google,
     Samsung and IFLYTEK CO., LTD. for their combined support of
     5 student travel grants, 3 will be selected as the Google grantees,
     1 will be selected as the Samsung grantee, and 1 will be selected
     as the IFLYTEK CO., LTD. grantee. The grantees are selected based
     on the technical quality of their paper(s). The grantees will be
     notified and announced on the INTERSPEECH 2014 website by July 3,
     2014. Grantees will be announced by the INTERSPEECH General Chair
     during the closing ceremony.

     For any inquiry, please contact

         awards at interspeech2014.org.

ISCA Best Student Paper Awards

     Each year, ISCA awards 3 best student paper awards at INTERSPEECH
     based on the technical merit of the paper and the presentation at
     the conference. Note that the first author student needs to present
     the paper in person to be considered for the award. The ISCA Best
     Student Paper Award is sponsored by IBM Research. In addition,
     Dilek Hakkani-Tur and Larry Heck from Microsoft Research are
     donating their honorarium from their tutorial “Semantic Web and
     Linked Big Data Resources for Spoken Language Processing” to
     financially sponsor the ISCA Best Student Paper Award. The
     shortlist of Best Student Paper Awards will be announced on the
     INTERSPEECH 2014 website by July 3, 2014 and the final awardees
     will be announced by the president of ISCA during the closing

     For any inquiry, please contact

         awards at interspeech2014.org.

The INTERSPEECH 2014 Organizing Committee

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