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*Call for Participation*

*Shared Task on Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis *
ICCE-2014 NLP-TEA Workshop (Nov. 30- Dec. 4 in Nara, Japan)

CFL shared task webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/nlptea1/shared-task
NLP-TEA workshop website:
ICCE-2014 : http://icce2014.jaist.ac.jp/icce2014/


China’s growing global influence has prompted a surge of interest in
learning Mandarin *Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL)*, and this trend is
expected to continue. However, whereas many computer-assisted learning
tools have been developed for learning English, support for CFL learners is
relatively sparse, especially in terms of tools designed to automatically
evaluate learners’ responses. The goal of this shared task is developing
the computer-assisted tools to detect several kinds of grammatical errors,
i.e., *redundant word, missing word, word disorder, and word selection*.
The input sentence contains one of defined error types. The developed tool
should indicate which kind of error type is embedded in the given sentence.
If the input contains no grammatical errors, the tool should return: *sid,
correct*. The output format should be *sid, error_type* if the input
contains a grammatical error. Examples are shown as follows:
*Example 1**: *
    Input: (sid=B2-1447-6)    希望沒有人再被食物中毒
    output:  B2-1447-6    Redundant
*Example 2*:
    Input: (sid=C1-1876-2)    對社會國家(有)不同的影響
    output:  C1-1876-2    Missing
*Example 3*:
    Input: (sid=A2-0775-2)    我起床很早
    output:  A2-0775-2    Disorder
*Example 4*:
    Input: (sid=B1-0110-2)    我會穿著一個黃色的襯衫
    output:  B1-0110-2    Selection

*Important Dates*

   - Registration open for the shared task: May 5, 2014
   - Release of tagged learners' corpus: June 12, 2014
   - Registration close for the shared task: July 15, 2014
   - Release of dry run data for participants to familiarize themselves
   with the testing process: July 21, 2014
   - Release of test data for formal evaluation: August 4, 2014
   - Return of the output for the test data for evaluation: August 6, 2014
   - Announcement of the evaluation results for all participants: August 8,
   - Report of the developed techniques and their results from the
participants: August
   18, 2014
   - Feedback to the report from the organizers: September 2, 2014
   - Final camera-ready report: September 10, 2014

Workshop Co-Organizers

   - Yuen-Hsien Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University)
   - Hsin-Hsi Chen (National Taiwan University)
   - Yuji Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

*Shared Task Co-Organizers*

   - Liang-Chih Yu (Yuan-Ze University)
   - Lung-Hao Lee (National Taiwan University)
   - Li-Ping Chang (National Taiwan Normal University)
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