[Elsnet-list] [E-Job] Full-time position, Synapse Développement, Toulouse, France

Patrick Séguéla patrick.seguela at synapse-fr.com
Tue Jun 10 19:06:41 CEST 2014

Synapse Développement  (http://www.synapse-developpement.fr/), leading
company in resources and linguistics-based technologies for French and
English, is currently looking for an engineer with Ph.D. degree in Computer
Science, to integrate its R&D team based in Toulouse (France).

- You will work on R&D projects. These projects may be in collaboration with
high technological companies and academic labs. They may also be inspired by
customers who wish to create a new service.
- Technology watch on areas such as Machine Reading, Machine Learning,
Question- Answering systems or Named Entities Extraction.
- Possibility of publication in international conferences.
- Handling and development of technology for text analysis and applications
marketed by Synapse Développement.

A Ph.D. degree or equivalent.
You are curious, dynamic and passionate by text understanding. You like
technological challenges and solving complex problems pragmatically.
You want to get involved in a multidisciplinary team. You want to
participate in the adventure of a small company where the activity of
research and development is very important.
Technical Skills:
- Good knowledge of object-oriented languages
- Proficiency in ASP or Java development.
- Knowledge of standard NLP
- Knowledge of textual databases (e.g. Cassandra, Mongo DB, etc.) would be a

Synapse Développement creates applications such as content upgrading and
content analysis of textual data. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft
incorporate our technology in their products; our components are thus used
today by millions of users.

Synapse was founded in 1994 and its first application was the spelling and
grammar checker Cordial, the reference for French language. Since 1994, we
focused on innovation and product quality. The Cordial spellchecker is now a
tool that outperforms other spellchecking tools integrated in office suites
thanks to its precision.

Aiming at supporting our clients with writing tools, we have published many
digital resources such as definition and synonym dictionaries. These
resources are now the most complete bases for French, and are widely
distributed in various forms: websites, mobile applications or digital

In addition, we offer solutions for companies wishing to develop their
Internet content or to analyze large amounts of texts, from social networks
for example. For 20 years our R&D team has developed algorithms that allow a
computer to understand a text. We are now able to understand, summarize,
classify, and analyze the tone of the content of a document, to index it and
to automatically link it with other documents, enabling us to present these
analyzes in an original way, effectively adding value for the reader.

Currently Synapse Développement employs a dozen people.

Synapse Développement
Mail : 	direction at synapse-fr.com
Tel :

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