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The Master in Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a 2 year degree 
programme at the Faculty of Letters, University of Franche-Comte, 
Besancon, France. The programme is attached to the Lucien Tesniere 
Research Centre. The programme is a response to the needs of modern 
society, that of communicating in different languages and that of rapid 
information processing. 

The programme is multidisciplinary; it includes courses in linguistics, 
languages and computer science for natural language processing. Students 
acquire the theoretical competences in language, fundamental linguistics 
and modelling techniques, all these in the context of the determination, 
representation and exploitation of linguistic phenomena. The practical 
aspects of the programme include the research and organisation of 
linguistic data, their formalisation and also their representation in an 
implementable form. Practical work involving computers includes modelling 
and specification techniques, problem solving and techniques for 
implementing formalisation languages, and software engineering for NLP, 
the whole in the context of the computerisation of formalised linguistic 
data for varied and diverse needs. 
The NLP teaching programme is completed by an industrial placement 
A 6 month or 1 year mobility is possible in the second year. 
Application for admission to the Master in NLP at the University of 
Franche-Comte is open to all students already having a Bachelors, a Master 
1, or an equivalent. 
Responsible of the Master: Professor Sylviane Cardey-Greenfield, 
University of Franche-Comte, France 
Contact: Tel: +33 (0)3 81 66 53 94 
Email: mohand.beddar at univ-fcomte.fr and sylviane.cardey at univ-fcomte.fr 
For more information: 

Mohand BEDDAR, Ph.D. 
Lucien Tesniere Research Centre 
University of Franche-Comté 
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