[Elsnet-list] Babelfy: Word Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking Together!

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Babelfy: Word Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking together!



As an output of the "MultiJEDI" Starting Grant <http://multijedi.org>,
funded by the European Research Council and headed by Prof. Roberto
Navigli, the Linguistic Computing Laboratory <http://lcl.uniroma1.it> of
the Sapienza University of Rome is proud to announce the first release of
Babelfy <http://babelfy.org>.

Babelfy [1] is a joint, unified approach to Word Sense Disambiguation and
Entity Linking for arbitrary languages. The approach is based on a loose
identification of candidate meanings coupled with a densest subgraph
heuristic which selects high-coherence semantic interpretations. Its
performance on both disambiguation and entity linking tasks is on a par
with, or surpasses, those of task-specific state-of-the-art systems.

Babelfy draws primarily on BabelNet (http://babelnet.org), a very large
encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network. BabelNet 2.5 covers 50
languages and provides both lexicographic and encyclopedic knowledge for
all the open-class parts of speech, thanks to the seamless integration of
WordNet, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, OmegaWiki, Wikidata and the Open
Multilingual WordNet.

Features in Babelfy:

* 50 languages covered!

* Available via easy-to-use Java APIs.

* Disambiguation and entity linking is performed using BabelNet, thereby
implicitly annotating according to several different inventories such as
WordNet, Wikipedia, OmegaWiki, etc.

Babelfy the world (be there and get a free BabelNet t-shirt!):

* Monday, June 23 - ACL 2014 (Baltimore, MD, USA) - TACL paper presentation

* Tuesday, August 19 - ECAI 2014 (Prague, Czech Republic) - Multilingual
Semantic Processing with BabelNet <http://www.ecai2014.org/tutorials/>

* Sunday, August 24 - COLING 2014 (Dublin, Ireland) - Multilingual Word
Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking

[1] Andrea Moro, Alessandro Raganato, Roberto Navigli. Entity Linking meets
Word Sense Disambiguation: a Unified Approach
<http://www.transacl.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/54.pdf>. Transactions
of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL), 2, pp. 231-244
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